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Hi, folks!

For those who don't know the story, I joined the Salt Lake City-based progressive/power metal band Katagory V in 2008. Over the next three years, we went through a number of lineup changes, wrote a bunch of songs, and painstakingly recorded what was supposed to be the band's fifth album, "Resurrect The Insurgence." Because we lost some key members along the way, founder Dustin Mitchell had to build a new studio from the ground up in order to make this album a reality. Add to that a handful of flights for yours truly to go back and forth between Chicago and Utah as well as a beautiful mixing and mastering job from none other than Dennis Ward, and you have an album that has so far cost a lot of money to make.

Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors (namely major life changes such as divorce, hospitalization for life-threatening illnesses, and the acquisition of new homes), the costs of artwork, a proper layout, pressing, and distribution of the album have been far too great for us to take the final steps in getting it released. We were hoping that a label would be interested in picking it up so that we could at least not have to worry about the pressing and/or distribution, but labels are very hesitant to take a chance on bands these days. It didn't help that the band's last three albums didn't quite make the splash in this scene that may have otherwise convinced these labels to give us a shot.

Sometimes, a band needs time to find the right musicians and develop their sound over a string of albums in order to find the correct formula. I've always enjoyed this band's music, and I'm never one to toot my own horn, but I truly believe that the lineup that came together after I joined the group was the strongest and most versatile one in the band's history. Not only do I think that this album bears the trademarks that fans of the band have come to know and love, but it also covers a lot of new territory that the band previously never dared to cross.

This album was finished three years ago, and it has yet to see the light of day. The frustration of being so close to accomplishing our goal eventually led us to the point where we just severed the lines of communication between us. After a good two years apart, we reconciled and came to the conclusion that what we created is too special to scrap.

This is why I'm coming to you, the ProgPower community, today. On Friday, June 20th, the band will launch an Indiegogo campaign in hopes of raising $5,000 to give this album the proper release it deserves. We came up with some perks that we hope will appeal to you. I think we kept things pretty reasonable, i.e., no $2,000 dollar perks to have the band play in your basement or something.

We want to let it be known that we don't exactly like the idea of soliciting money. In fact, this was actually the last thing we wanted to do to get this album out. This post has already gone longer than I had originally planned, so I'll spare you any further explanations for our decision and simply ask you to visit the Indiegogo page once it's up to read more.

For those of you who would like to know what you're getting before making a decision to pledge any money to us, we have two songs up for your listening enjoyment: "Far Too Long" and "I Am Change." These tunes can be found on our Reverbnation page as well as our Facebook page. If you like what you hear, you can expect roughly an hour's worth of music of the same quality.

Believe it or not, there are people on this forum who know me that don't know that I've already released two full-length albums with other projects over the last three-and-a-half years. However, though I like the songs on those albums, I feel that the finished products left a lot to be desired. Thus, I never mentioned those albums in these parts. With this album, though, I can say with full confidence that I'm proud of what this band accomplished. This is why I'm giving such a long-winded written lecture. I hope you can forgive me.

As stated above, the campaign begins on June 20th. I'll post a link to the page as soon as it goes live. The last day to submit a pledge will be August 18th. For those of you who have supported the albums of the previous lineups, we thank you and hope you will come back for more. For those of you who may have been disappointed by past efforts, we urge you to give us one more chance; you may be pleasantly surprised. For those who have never heard us before, we hope our music can find a new home with you. Thanks ever so much for reading, and please spread the word if you like what you hear.

Stay metal. Never rust.

So, tune back in here on June 20th for a link to the campaign. And... the link to the song previews below, feel free to share EVERYWHERE. Cheers :kickass:

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