a Carcass tribute band?


unus spiritus est
Oct 10, 2001
wouldn't it be cool?! :hotjump:

i would definitely pay money to see a good Carcass tribute. we have several really good tribute bands in this area (Chicago) already but not one for Carcass. :cry: i think we have the talent around here to pull it off too, but i don't know if any of them would put the energy into making it a reality. F*******K!

but i think it might work if we could scare up some interest in it! first we'd need a name though. i'd love to hear some ideas if anyone has any. :)

I'm in the Chicago area too (Plainfield). I just wanted to comment that your post reminded of an Infernal Combustion article, containing a list a upcoming releases (all jokes, of course). One of them was: GENITAL GRINDER: A TRIBUTE TO CARCASS, released by Magna Carta with artists like Fish, Steve Howe, etc. :)

well, i used to haunt the SSMT message board a few years ago but i can't recall if i used the same screen name or not. i don't think i did and that's probably why you don't remember. good to see you here though!

i'm dead serious about wanting a Carcass tribute band to go see around here. if one existed and they were good i'd most likely frequent a lot of their shows. :D ;-)
If I was gonna form a Carcass tribute band I'd call ourselves Tools Of Earache. Just a thought that popped into my head :)