Carcass Wake Up... DVD - worth getting?


Jul 21, 2002
Melbourne, Australia
I am thinking of buying this DVD but would like to know if it is worth getting. I hear it has a lot of Carcass stuff including all the film clips, 2 full concerts etc but I hear the sound is pretty bad, is it still worth it?

Yeah, the live stuff could have sounded better, and the image quality is variable.....but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it regardless. It's definately worth the money.
All the video clips kick ass, although i know there was a Reek of Putrefaction promotional video, but supposedly it got banned , it would have been cool if this dvd had it, and at the London astoria gig, the sound kinda blows for the first half of impropagation, but then bill goes and cranks up his amp some more so the rest of the concert is fuking awesome and sounds fairly good, the grindcrusher concert audio sux but its worth watching, I love Carcass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buyit If You Have The Baaaaaaaaahlz!

The image of J.F.K's corpse on the front, finishes the dvd off nicely, i like it...
I've got the old Video version and I'm pretty happy with it.

Sure, the live stuff doesn't have immaculate sound, but it is great to capture those performances. Actually, the sound quality of the Astoria show starts PRETTY rough (during 1st song Inpropagation...darn, one of my favourite songs...). But (presumably due to the sound-guy) the sound improves drastically as the song progresses and the remainder of the show is pretty fine sounding. My criticism is that either the cameramen or the guy that did the mixing of the footage had no clue that he should zoom on the guitar fret-board work during the leads, or pan to Steer when he sings (it is ALWAYS zooming on Walker)...Aarrrghh!

Apart from that, it is a quality item in my collection!