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Shroud of Bereavement
Nov 22, 2005
Boston, MA // Northern VA

Posted: 09.02.2006

Rating: 8

Fall Of Empyrean - A Darkness Remembered

01. The Fading Light
02. Slowly Dying Inside
03. No Hope Before Me
04. Into Emptiness I Fall
05. Failure
06. Fallen Ways Of Gog
07. A Mourner's Tears
08. In The Shadows Of The Sun

USA: 2004
Genre: Melodic/Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal
Label: Oak-Knoll Records
Length: 61:56 minutes

Vocals: Richard Medina
Guitars: Justin Burning
Guitars: Cristobal Felix
Bass Guitar: Dan Sobeck
Drums: Steven Hanson
Keyboards: Kevin Leeds

Reviewed by DerRozzengarten

One of the albums I was expecting to arrive so as to review was Fall Of Empyrean and since it’s a doom metal band I couldn’t wait to listen to their desolate tunes! My expectations were definitely high because their name is being heard in the underground doom/death metal circles and they were what I was expecting them to be, a really strong and very promising band with very inspired ideas and a personal approach in the scene up to an extent.

Fall Of Empyrean hail from the US and after some demos and a self-released album they managed to release their official-debut debut album during 2004 through Oak-Knoll Records and believe me, they did a really good work, offering eight desperate tunes drowned in pure melancholy and deep emotions. As I said above they have quite a personal approach in their sound and this is always something respectable, they have their general influences since it is unavoidable in the doom/death metal scene, but there’s no way someone can refer to them as copies because they definitely aren’t!

The cover of the album shows the upper branch of a tree in a graveyard under a deep blue sky while the sun is rising (?) and we can see its first rays striking the top of a church or whatever it is. It prepares in the most ideal way the listener for the tranquility and mourning beauty that will follow…

Their music moves in slow to mid-tempo soundscapes, without being afraid to sound more upbeat at times, but don’t expect something exaggerated because their sound is more mournful and thus more up-tempo passages would ruin the beauty of their depressive approach. What I adored in the band was their guitar sound, whether it relies on distorted guitar riffing or fragile guitar chords it always has an elegant sound that caresses the heart of the listener with a rose’s withered petals. The guitar work is inspired and very good, pacing beautifully with the distinctive floating keyboard melodies that evoke a serene feeling in the overall grey aesthetic of their atmosphere. The rhythm section lends the appropriate groove and creates the ideal walls of sound in the most appropriate way and the grunting vocals are just fabulous, deep grunts or reciting vocals lines expressed in the most vivid and descriptive way giving life to the melancholy of their lyrics.

As for highlights, I think the album floats as one, 62 minutes of grieving beauty that will take you on the trail to the crossroads of sadness.

Depressive music adorers that want their doom/death metal to be more atmospheric and elegant must definitely check them out, I don’t think they’ll be disappointed.

Link: http://www.fallofempyrean.com