A few new live boots for trade


Spiritual Healer
Dec 11, 2001
Have a look... john - citastro@hotmail.com

Bootleg / Live Recordings - Bootlegs may be traded or bought

* = Sound Quality could be better!

Amorphis + Opeth Live 96
Amorphis Live at Isle of Joy 97

Anathema Live in Dublin ' 01
Anathema Live at Total Rock.com '01
Anathema Unplugged Paris 98
Anathema Live in Dynamo Club 28-August 98
Anathema Shepards Bush Empire 11/5/01
Anathema London 12/12/01 2 cd's

Ancient Live 97 Dundingen

At the Gates Oval Rockhouse Norwich UK 2/21/96
At the Gates Lulea, Sweden Jan 95

Carcass Manchester 94 *
Carcass Florence Italy 94

The Cult Live in LA '01

Centurian Live at Nancy's, Cork, Ireland 17th March 2002

Death Trocadero- Philly 98
Death Symphonic Technicalogy- Live in Japan 95

Dew Scented Live at Nancy's, Cork, Ireland 17th March 2002

Deicide Live In Germany- Legion Tour

Dissection Wacken ' 97
Dissection Oslo 4/5/' 94
Dissection Norkoping Sweden 12/3/93 *
Dissection Grief Prophecy Demo

Hypocrisy Mean Fiddler London 10th April 2002

Immortal Mean Fiddler London 10th April 2002

Iron Maiden The Soundhouse Tapes
Iron Maiden 9/9/99 Bercy Paris (2 cd's)- Soundhouse Tapes at end of CD
Iron Maiden Live after Death Video
Iron Maiden The First 10 Years Video
Iron Maiden 12 Wasted Years Video

Katatonia Live in Dublin 7/12/01
Katatonia Paris 2001
Katatonia Live 93/95 and Rarities

The Fellowship of the Ring- 2cd's DVD DIV X rip on CDR

Opeth Live in Dublin ' 01
Opeth Live in Chicago ' 01
Opeth Springfield & Milwaukee '00 + '01
Opeth Live 96 (with Amorphis)
Opeth Astoria london, 9/8/95 *

Paradise Lost Live in Denmark / Sweden ' 93

Rotting Christ Paris 98

Ronán O' Snódaigh of Kíla (et al) 10th March 2002, The Lobby, Cork

John Spillane The Meeting Place, Midleton, 26/2/02

Samael Live 93 plus Demo 1 '87, Demo 2 '88
Sepultura Live in Tilburg ' 91

Vader Live @ Nancy's, Cork, Ireland 17th March 2002
Amorphis + Opeth Live 96
Amorphis Live at Isle of Joy 97

I'd DIE to have a live amorphis recording too bad i dont have any money or bootlegs to trade
Death Symphonic Technicalogy- Live in Japan 95
Here's my have list:
Bruce Dickinson:
5/21/96-Skunkworks Live 1 CD 9/10(Pamplona, Spain)SB

Iron Maiden:
10/5/79-Ruskin '79 1 CD-7/10 (Ruskin Arms, London, England) (COMING SOON)
5/23/81-Maiden Japan Complete 1 CD-10/10 (Nagoya, Japan)SB
10/12/84-Back In The Village 2 CD-9.5/10
(Hammersmith Odeon, London, England)(COMING SOON)
11/11/84-Live in Bologna 2 CD-7.5/10 (Bologna, Italy)AUD
11/22/86-The Greediness 1 CD-9/10 (Eilenriedhalle, Hannover) SB
7/16/99-New York To Midnight 2 CD-8/10(Beacon Theater, New York City)AUD
1/7/01-Shepherd's Bush Empire Night 2 2 CD-6.5/10(Shepherd's Bush Empire, London England)AUD
3/21/02-Brixton Night 3 2 CD-9/10 (Brixton Academy, London, England)AUD
Hey. I have numerous bootlegs listed at http://home.attbi.com/~kleo706/index.html I can't really tell you what the quality is. So, I'll give you at least 2/1 for the Death 95 bootleg. It has Gene Hoglan right?
Oh and if anyone else looks... my only trade guideline is I do NOT take cash.
The URL there is correct as of right now. I don't know why it failed to work before but the service seems to randomly decide it requires the /index.html part. Hehe oh and to avoid the typical confusion... I'm Kleo not Angela Gossow. Her pic is there since I interviewed her