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Spiritual Healer
Dec 11, 2001
Amorphis + Opeth Live 96

Amorphis Live at Isle of Joy 97

Amorphis 12/3/99 Asbury Park NJ

Amorphis live at Dynamo open air 17/5/97

Anathema Live @ the Temple Bar Music Centre Dublin, Ireland December ' 01 MASTER

Anathema Live at Total '01

Anathema Unplugged Paris '98

Anathema Live in Dynamo Hardrockkaffee 28-August 98 Eternity tour (soundboard)

Anathema Shepards Bush Empire 11/5/01 (with Panic MPEG)

Anathema London 12/12/01 2 cd's

Anathema Den Bosch Holland 27 Nov 99 (11 songs)

Anathema Steenwyk ‘99 (14 songs)

Anathema 11/3/92 Cardiff, Wales (plus unplugged tracks)

Anathema 1/3/96 Krakow, Poland
Anathema 23/6/95 Camden, London, UK

Anthrax live 16/11/1987 Hammersmith Odeon, London

Anthrax live ??/02/1989 Hammersmith Odeon, London

Anthrax live 05/12/93 Zimba club, Milan - Italy

Anthrax live 08/12/1999 Boston, USA

Ancient Live '97 Dundingen

At the Gates Oval Rockhouse Norwich UK 2/21/96

At the Gates Lulea, Sweden Jan 95

Borknagar Wacken 2002 MASTER

Bruce Dickinson Wacken 2002 MASTER

Carpathian Forest- Live @ Inferno Fest. Oslo, Norway 30th March 2002

Cannibal Corpse Wacken 2002 MASTER

Carcass Manchester 94 *

Carcass Florence Italy 94

Carcass Stuttgart 94

Cathedral Live in London

Celtic Frost L’Amours, Brooklyn N.Y. 28/6/86

Celtic Frost ‘A night in the Dark’ Hamburg 2/2/86

Celtic Frost Grabenhalle St. Gallen Switzerland 17/5/85 – CF First Show

Celtic Frost WWIII Festival, Palladium, Montreal QC, Canada 30/11/85

Celtic Frost Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 3/3/89

Children of Bodom . Wacken 2002 (only about 20mins – Full show on the way) * MASTER

Children of Bodom Wacken ’02 (German Recording, complete show, slightly noisey!)

Children of Bodom Massacre in Milwaukee (Hatebreeder tour)

Children of Bodom Japan on air East – ( Follow the Reaper tour)

Children of Bodom Tuska 2000 (with gaps)

Children of Bodom Seoul, Korea, April 4th 2001

Children of Bodom Bodom Night – live in Osaka Japan

The Cult Live in LA '01 2 CD's

The Crown Lamour. Brooklyn 2001

The Crown live @ Kolinsborg, Stockholm, Sweden 31 / 05 / ‘02

The Crown Forget the light demo 94

The Crown Demo ‘93

Centurian Live at Nancy's, Cork, Ireland 17th March 2002 MASTER

Dark Tranquility 2/8/2001 popstad Gothenburg – TV broadcast

Darkthrone A night of Unholy black metal - LIVE

Decapitated live @ The Shelter Dublin Ireland August 31st 2002 -Good quality MASTER

Death/Mantas Back from the Dead- demo '85

Death Trocadero- Philly '98 *

Death Symphonic Technicalogy- Live in Japan 95 (Very good)

Death Rehersal - 28-3-86

Death Rehersal - 26-5-86

Death Live in Bradford 17/6 '84

Death Live in Vienna 95 - symbolic tour.

Death 9/11/1984, Rubys’ Tampa, Florida

Death 19/12/91 Stuttgart, Germany

Death Café de la Danse, Paris 24/10/98

Death Philadelphia PA, 23/10/88 4 songs, great sound

Dew Scented Live at Nancy's, Cork, Ireland 17th March 2002 MASTER

Deicide Live In Germany - Legion Tour

Dissection Frozen in Wacken '97

Dissection Oslo 4/5/'94

Dissection Norkoping Sweden 12/3/93 *

Dissection Grief Prophecy Demo

Dissection Live in Koln VIDEO CDR

Dire Straits 26/4/86, Sydney, Aus.

Dying Fetus Wacken 2002 MASTER

Emperor Conquering Europe Live 1997

Exodus Wacken 2002 * MASTER

Hypocrisy Mean Fiddler London 10th April 2002 MASTER

Hypocrisy Wacken 2002 MASTER

Hypocrisy live in Hamburg 7-Sept 1999
Hypocrisy live in Dorndorf 15 Sept 2000

Hypocrisy live in Motala 18-Nov 1999

Hypocrisy Bradford Rio. UK, 11/4/02

Immortal Mean Fiddler London 10th April 2002 MASTER

Immortal Wacken 2002 MASTER

Immortal Wacken ’02 (German Recording)

Immortal Live at Waldrock ‘99

Immortal Estadio, Santiago - Live in Chile

Immortal * Zaandam, Holland, 1996

Immortal Live in Paris 2000
Immortal Wamegem (sp?) ‘99

Immortal Koln – Pure holocaust tour + 2 Darkthrone demo songs

Immortal Bradford Rio. UK, 11/4/02

In Flames Gothenburg 23/10/99

In Flames Waldrock Fest. Bergum, Holland 3/6/99

In Flames Osaka, Japan 8/7/99 Two CD's (with Synergy tracks)

Iron Maiden 9/9/99 Bercy Paris (2 cd's)- Soundhouse Tapes at end of CD

Iron Maiden The Big Heat -killers tour Japan- soundboard - Album quality

Iron Maiden Ruskin Arms 12/10/79

Iron Maiden Back in the Village - Hammersmith 12/10/89

Iron Maiden Brixton Academy (3rd Clive Burr show) 21/03/ 02 - 2 cd's- great quality

Katatonia Live ’96 – Berlin & Stuttgart (soundboard) (18th + 11th / Nov ’96)

Katatonia Live in Dublin, Ireland 7/12/01 MASTER

Katatonia Paris 2001

Katatonia Live '93/'95 and Rarities (Various MCD tracks)

Katatonia Camden Underworld, London, 4/12/01

Kreator Live at Hard Club, Portugal, 2/12/02

Kreator Moscow 2000

Kreator Wacken 2002 MASTER

Kreator La Loco, Paris, 25/11/01

Krisiun live @ The Shelter Dublin, Ireland Aug 31st 2002 -Excellent quality MASTER

Lord Belial Bryggagarden,Vasteras, Sweden 9/11/96

Mayhem From the Darkest Past; Rehersal Tape- no vocals.

Metallica 05/03/83 The Stone SF California- Cliffs first show

Metallica 18/10/82 Night of the Rivvit heads- the old waldorf SF, California

Metallica 83-15 -12 Broadway Jacks – Chicago

Metallica 84-05-12 - Koln, Germany (Stadthalle - Capns of Crunnch)

Metallica 85-14-09 - Lorely, Germany, Metalhammer Festival

Metallica Rough Justice …and justice for all demos- original

Megadeth 'This is the News' @ Zeech, Bochum, Germany, 3/11/87

Megadeth Hartford Conneticut, 7/11/86

Morbid Angel 23/01/1988 Live

Morbid Angel 15/12/1990 ‘leading the rats’ Tilburg, Holland

My Dying Bride Wacken 2002 MASTER

Nuclear Assault Wacken 2002 * MASTER

Opeth Live in Dublin, Ireland- December 7th ' 01 MASTER

Opeth Live in Chicago ' 01

Opeth Wacken ‘01

Opeth Springfield & Milwaukee '00 + '01

Opeth Live ‘96 (with some Amorphis tracks)

Opeth Astoria London, 9/8/95 *

Opeth Jaxx Springfield VA May 6th '01

Opeth Jaxx Springfield VA 10th April '01

Pain live @ Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden 11 / 04 / 00

Pain live @ Kolinsborg, Stockholm, Sweden 23/01/02

Paradise Lost Live in Denmark / Sweden '93 (soundboard)

Paradise Lost, ludwigsburg Germany, 14/04/91

Paradise Lost, Bergum, Holland 07/04/92

Paradise Lost Stuttgart – Icon Tour - soundboard

Rotting Christ Paris '98

Rotting Christ Backstage, Munich, Germany 01/10/1996
Rotting Christ Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland 18/12/1993

Satyricon Roskilde, Denmark, 28/6/02

Samael Live ‘93 plus Demo 1 '87, Demo 2 '88 (Soundboard)

Samael Columbus, OH, 10/9/99

Samael De Zon, Bodegraven, Holland (soundboard) 22/03/1992

Savatage Wacken 2002 MASTER

Sentenced La Loco Paris '00 (no gaps between songs)

Slayer Ozzfest, Punchestown 26/5/02 Ireland good quality MASTER

Slayer Sporthalle B. Blingen 22/10/01 good quality

Sepultura Live in Tilburg ' 91 (sound board)

System of a Down Ozzfest, Punchestown 26/5/02 Ireland good quality MASTER

Type O Negative - Hannover Music Hall '96>

Tool Ozzfest, Punchestown 26/5/02 Ireland good quality MASTER

Vader Live @ Nancy's, Cork, Ireland 17th March 2002 MASTER

Vader live @ The Shelter Dublin, Ireland August 31st 2002 -Excellent quality MASTER


MASTER Bootlegs on the way-

Kreator, Destruction, Deranged, Riffmaster General - Dublin, Ireland November 2nd '02
I'm gonna want some of that new stuff you're gettin' John. My latest list looks like this:

ABIGAIL- Bizarre Voice Festival, Ogikubo, Tokyo, Japan 9/15/01
ABSU- Zeche Carl, Essen, Germany 4/26/95
AETERNUS- The Inferno Festival, Norway 3/29/02
AMORPHIS- Ilosaarirock Festival, Joensuu, Finland 12/7/97
AMORPHIS- Asbury Park, NJ 3/12/99
AMORPHIS- House Of Blues, Chicago, IL 5/10/00
AMORPHIS- Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH 9/25/94
AMORPHIS- Stuttgart, Germany 1/10/95
AMORPHIS- Hampton, VA 10/25/94
ANATHEMA- Unplugged, Paris, France 1998
ANATHEMA-, London, England 10/9/01
ANATHEMA- Shepards Bush Empire 11/5/01
ANATHEMA- Den Bosch, Holland 11/27/99
ANATHEMA- Cardiff, UK 3/11/92
ANATHEMA- Krakow, Poland 3/1/96
ANATHEMA- Camden Underworld, London, UK 6/23/95
ANATHEMA- Dynamo, Eindhoven, Holland 1998
ANATHEMA- London, England 12/12/01 (2CDs)
ANATHEMA- Temple Bar Music Center, Dublin, Ireland 2001 (2CDs)
ANCIENT RITES- Bornem, Belgium 10/28/95
ANGRA- Sao Paulo, Brazil 1/25/02 (2CDs)
ANGRA- Elysee Montmatre, Paris, France 3/21/02 (2CDs)
ANNIHILATOR- Vosselaar, Belgium 4/24/99
ARCH ENEMY- New England Metal Fest, Worchester, MA 4/5/02
ARCH ENEMY- Meow Meow, Portland, OR 7/20/02
ARCH ENEMY- Graceland, Seattle, WA 7/21/02
ARCH ENEMY- Black Birth Machine, Osaka, Japan 4/14/97
ARCH ENEMY- The Shadowbeast Calls, Akasaka, Japan 3/15/02
ARKHON INFAUSTUS- Gibus, Paris, France 10/31/01
AT THE GATES- Lulea, Sweden 1/95
AT THE GATES- Oval Rockhouse, Norwich, UK 2/21/96
BEHEMOTH- The Inferno Festival, Norway 3/29/02
BEHEMOTH- Gibus, Paris, France 10/30/01
BLIND GUARDIAN- Legendary Songs
BLIND GUARDIAN- Live Nightfall
BLIND GUARDIAN- Tokyo, Japan 10/1/95
BLIND GUARDIAN- Moscow, Russia 5/25/02 (2CDs)
BLIND GUARDIAN- Return Of The Elven Kings, Paris, France 5/27/98 (2CDs)
BLIND GUARDIAN- Imaginations From Hamburg 5/14/95
BLIND GUARDIAN- Vesteras, Sweden 10/10/96
BLIND GUARDIAN- Liquid Room, Tokyo, Japan 10/3/98 (2CDs)
BLIND GUARDIAN- Woodland Rock, Frankfurt, Germany 9/15/92
BOLT THROWER- So 36, Berlin, Germany 1/11/02
BOLT THROWER- Live In Sweden 4/21/91
BORKNAGAR- Wacken Festival, Germany 8/2/02
BORKNAGAR- The Inferno Festival, Norway 4/14/01
BRUCE DICKINSON- Wacken Festival, Germany 8/2/02 (2CDs)
CALLENISH CIRCLE- Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland 6/9/01
CANNIBAL CORPSE- JB's, Dudley, UK 11/21/01
CANNIBAL CORPSE- Wacken Festival, Germany 8/3/02
CANNIBAL CORPSE- New England Metal Fest, Worchester, MA 4/5/02
CARCASS- Florence, Italy 1/27/94
CARCASS- Manchester, England 11/22/94
CARCASS- Buffalo, NY 9/7/90
CARPATHIAN FOREST- Inferno Festival, Norway 3/30/02
CARPATHIAN FOREST- Gibus, Paris, France 10/31/01
CATASTROPHIC- Milwaukee Metalfest, WI 8/10/01
CELTIC FROST- St Gallen, Switzerland 5/17/85
CENTURIAN- Nancy's, Cork, Ireland 3/17/02
CHILDREN OF BODOM- Bodom Night 1999
CHILDREN OF BODOM- Seoul, South Korea 4/4/01
CHILDREN OF BODOM- Kauhajoki, Finland 6/19/98
CHILDREN OF BODOM- Hamburg, Germany 2/8/01
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY- Wellington, New Zealand 5/10/01
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY- Live Volume, Detroit, MI 4/20/01
CRADLE OF FILTH- Columbus, OH 8/2/99
CRADLE OF FILTH- Icehall, Helsinki, Finland 10/4/01
CRADLE OF FILTH- Shibuya Club Quatro, Tokyo, Japan 4/22/01
CRADLE OF FILTH- Zodiac, Oxford, UK 5/24/02 (2CDs)
CRADLE OF FILTH- Ozzfest, Donington, UK 5/25/02
CROWN, THE- Lamour, Brooklyn, NY 5/3/02
CROWN, THE- The Shrine, Stockholm, Sweden 5/31/02
CRYPTOPSY- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 6/17/95
CRYPTOPSY- Knoxville, TN 11/2/95
CRYPTOPSY- Live In Rochester
CRYPTOPSY- Montreal, Canada 1997
CYNIC- Miami Beach, FL 8/16/90
CYNIC- Walkesh, WI 9/29/90
DARK FUNERAL- Harpos, Detroit, MI 3/30/02
DARK FUNERAL- Vasteras, Sweden 1/24/02
DARK FUNERAL- New England Metal Fest, Worchester, MA 4/5/02
DARK FUNERAL- Lille Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark 1/16/02
DARK TRANQUILLITY- Karen, Gothenburg 2001
DARK TRANQUILLITY- Gothenburg, Sweden 2/8/01
DARK TRANQUILLITY- Osaka, Japan 9/3/99 (2CDs)
DARK TRANQUILLITY- Salon 21, Mexico City, Mexico 10/28/00
DEATH- Elysee Montmatre, Paris, France 10/24/98
DEATH- Symphonic Technicalogy, Live In Japan 9/8/95
DEATH- Philly, PA 11/15/98 (2CDs)
DEATH- Stuttgart, Germany 12/19/91
DEATH- Vienna, Austria 1995
DEATH- Live In Bradford 6/17/84
DEATH ANGEL- Thrash Of The Titans, San Francisco, CA 8/11/01
DECAPITATED- The Shelter, Dublin, Ireland 8/31/02
DEFILED- Bizarre Voice Festival, Ogikubo, Tokyo, Japan 9/15/01
DEICIDE- Legion Tour In Germany
DEICIDE- Cleveland, OH 6/12/98
DEICIDE- Tilburg, Holland 4/24/00
DEICIDE- Krome Club, South Amboy, NJ 5/24/01
DEMONS & WIZARDS- German Crusade 6/30/00
DEMONS & WIZARDS- Paris, France 5/12/00 (2CDs)
DEMONS & WIZARDS- Madrid, Spain 6/23/00 (2CDs)
DERANGED- Shinyuku Loft, Tokyo, Japan 11/3/00
DEW SCENTED- Nancy's, Cork, Ireland 3/17/02
DIMMU BORGIR- Chicago, IL 5/1/01
DIMMU BORGIR- New York, NY 5/9/01
DIMMU BORGIR- Spectrum, Montreal, Canada 5/6/01
DIMMU BORGIR- Worchester, MA 9/2/99
DIMMU BORGIR- Roskilde Festival, Denmark
DIMMU BORGIR- The Inferno Festival, Norway 3/29/02
DIMMU BORGIR- Circo Volador, Mexico City, Mexico 9/25/99
DISSECTION- Frozen In Wacken, Germany 8/8/97
DISSECTION- Oslo, Norway 5/4/94
DISSECTION- Norrkoping, Sweden 12/3/93
DOWN- Houston, TX 12/28/95
DOWN- Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX 9/21/95
DOWN- Cleveland, OH 9/26/95
DOWN- House Of Blues, Chicago, IL 5/11/02 (2CDs)
DOWN- Cajun House, Scottsdale, AZ 5/21/02 (2CDs)
DRAGONLORD- Roadhouse, Sacramento, CA 2/22/02
DREAM THEATER- Master Of Puppets, Barcelona, Spain 2/19/02
DYING FETUS- Herbolzheim, Germany 8/25/98
DYING FETUS- Wacken Festival, Germany 8/2/02
EDGUY- Moscow, Russia 3/9/02 (2CDs)
EDGUY- Sao Paulo, Brazil 1/31/02 (2CDs)
EDGUY- Arrows Fly Free, Gaule, Sweden 2/3/99
EDGUY- Agora, Eury, France 5/25/99
EDGUY- Frankfurt, Germany 6/15/99
EMPEROR- Live In Frostland 1997
ENSLAVED- Creepy Crawl, St Louis, MO 12/12/01
ENTOMBED- Hultsfreds Festival, Sweden 6/13/97
EXODUS- Thrash Of The Titans, San Francisco, CA 8/11/01
EXODUS- Roadhouse, Sacramento, CA 1/19/02 (2CDs)
EXODUS- Dynamo Club 1985
FEAR FACTORY- From Inside The Machine, Sydney, Australia 1/27/97
FORBIDDEN EVIL- Thrash Of The Titans, San Francisco, CA 8/11/01
GATHERING, THE- Roskilde Festival, Denmark 6/29/01
GLOOMY GRIM- Elysee Montmarte, Paris, France 10/27/01
GRAVE- New York City, NY 3/14/92
GRIM FORCE- Tokyo, Japan 8/11/01
HAMMERFALL- Ellosparken, Ellos, Sweden 7/30/01 (2CDs)
HATE ETERNAL- Asbury Park, NJ 3/11/00
HATE ETERNAL- Meow Meow, Portland, OR 7/20/02
HATE ETERNAL- Gracelend, Seattle, WA 7/21/02
HAUNTED, THE- The Shrine, Stockholm, Sweden 5/31/02
HAUNTED, THE- Kafe 44, Stockholm, Sweden 12/18/01
HAUNTED, THE- Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden 12/9/01
HAUNTED, THE- North Six, Brooklyn, NY 12/1/01
HAUNTED, THE- Roskilde Festival, Denmark 6/30/01
HAUNTED, THE- First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 4/30/01
HAUNTED, THE- Graspop Festival, Dessel, Belgium 6/23/01
HAUNTED, THE- Vera, Groningen, Holland 2/16/01
HAUNTED, THE- Bury Your Wacken, Wacken Festival, Germany 8/3/01
HAUNTED, THE- Pipeline Sundsvall, Sweden 3/7/01
HEATHEN- Thrash Of The Titans, San Francisco, CA 8/11/01
HYPOCRISY- London, England 4/10/02
HYPOCRISY- Dorndorf, Germany 9/15/00
HYPOCRISY- Hamburg, Germany 9/7/99
HYPOCRISY- Wacken Festival, Germany 8/3/02
HYPOCRISY- Folkets Park, Motala, Sweden 11/18/00
HYPOCRISY- Rios, Bradford, England 4/11/02
ICED EARTH- Detroit, MI 2/20/99 (2CDs)
ICED EARTH- Springfield, VA 6/3/99 (2CDs)
ICED EARTH- Bochum, Germany 1/21/02 (2CDs)
ICED EARTH- Columbus, OH 2/21/99
ICED EARTH- Stuttgart, Germany 9/5/96
ICED EARTH- Montreal, Canada 2/5/99
ICED EARTH- Madrid, Spain 10/28/98
ICED EARTH- Tubingen, Germany 9/19/98
ICED EARTH- Tubingen, Germany 6/17/95
IMMOLATION- Colorado Springs, CO 8/14/01
IMMOLATION- The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ 3/17/01
IMMOLATION- Creepy Crawl, St Louis, MO 4/12/01
IMMORTAL- Wacken Festival, Germany 8/3/02
IMMORTAL- Live In Paris, France 2000
IMMORTAL- Mexico City, Mexico 3/20/01 (2CDs)
IMMORTAL- London, England 4/10/02
IMMORTAL- Rios, Bradford, UK 4/11/02
IMMORTAL- Waldrock, Holland 3/7/99
IMMORTAL- Zaandam, Holland 1996
IMMORTAL- Estadio, Chile 8/18/00
IN FLAMES- Kawasaki, Japan 2/21/98 (2CDs)
IN FLAMES- Munich, Germany 9/28/99
IN FLAMES- Munich, Germany 1/18/98
IN FLAMES- Berlin, Germany 1/6/98
IN FLAMES- Satyricon, Portland, OR 12/8/00
IN FLAMES- Graceland, Seattle, WA 12/7/00
IN FLAMES- Emerson Theater, Indianapolis, IN 4/8/02
IN FLAMES- Ascaffenburg, Germany 12/11/96
IN FLAMES- Umeda Heat Beat, Osaka, Japan 7/8/99 (2CDs)
IN FLAMES- Waldrock, Holland 3/6/99
IN FLAMES- Gothenburg, Sweden 10/23/99
IN FLAMES- Vitahuset, Sweden 8/10/94
IN FLAMES- Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS 8/10/00
IN FLAMES- Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO 8/11/00
IN FLAMES- New York City, NY 4/10/02
IN FLAMES- Brighton Center, Sussex, UK 2/18/02
IN FLAMES- London Arena, London, UK 2/16/02
INCANTATION- Blasphemy In Brazil 2001
INTESTINE BAALISM- Bizarre Voice Festival, Ogikubo, Tokyo, Japan 9/15/01
KAMELOT- Shadow Of The Inquisitor 4/28/00
KATAKLYSM- New England Metal Fest, Worchester, MA 4/5/02
KATATONIA- Dublin, Ireland 12/7/01
KATATONIA- Paris, France 11/13/01
KATATONIA- Camden Underworld, London, UK 12/4/01
KING DIAMOND- Joker Up My Sleeve, Gothenburg, Sweden 11/19/87
KREATOR- Moscow, Russia 3/5/00
KREATOR- Wacken Festival, Germany 8/3/02
KREATOR- Locomotive, Paris, France 11/25/01
KREATOR- JB's, Dudley, UK 11/21/01
KRIEG- Connections, Clifton, NJ 6/28/01
KRISIUN- Locomotive, Paris, France 11/25/01
KRISIUN- JB's, Dudley, UK 11/21/01
MACABRE- Camelon, Bussum, Holland 6/7/01
MACABRE- Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland 6/9/01
MACABRE- Graspop Festival, Dessel, Belgium 6/23/01
MACHINE HEAD- Roskilde Festival, Denmark 6/30/00
MACHINE HEAD- Beast Feast, Tokyo, Japan 8/26/01
MACHINE HEAD- Stockholm, Sweden 12/2/99
MACHINE HEAD- Stockholm, Sweden 4/30/97
MACHINE HEAD- Givin' Good Head, London, UK 12/22/94
MARDUK- Live In Worth 1/6/94
MAYHEM- Roskilde Festival, Denmark 6/30/01
MEGADETH- Cryptic Live, Phoenix, AZ 6/13/97
MEGADETH- Set The World A Fire, Toronto, Canada 4/18/88
MERCYFUL FATE- Cleveland, OH 10/2/99
MESHUGGAH- New York City, NY 7/28/98
MESHUGGAH- P3, Sweden 12/5/98
METALLICA- Metallicagazoline, San Francisco, CA 1998
METALLICA- Devil's Dance (2CDs)
METALLICA- Detroit Bad Boys (2CDs)
METALLICA- Gothenburg, Sweden 2/13/87
METALLICA- Stockholm, Sweden 9/26/86
MOONSPELL- Munchen, Germany 9/21/95
MORBID ANGEL- Beast Feast, Tokyo, Japan 8/26/01
MORBID ANGEL- Seattle, WA 3/24/99
MORBID ANGEL- Leading The Rats, Tilburg, Holland 12/15/90
MY DYING BRIDE- For Darkest Eyes, Poland 1996
MY DYING BRIDE- Wacken Festival, Germany 8/2/02
MYRKSKOG- Garatge, Barcelona, Spain 5/21/00
NAPALM DEATH- Stengade 30, Copenhagen, Denmark 2/2/02
NAPALM DEATH- Christmas Corruption, Stuttgart, Germany 12/19/91
NAPALM DEATH- Birmingham, England 5/7/86
NEVERMORE- Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS 12/4/00
NEVERMORE- Roadhouse, Sacramento, CA 9/8/01
NEVERMORE- Creepy Crawl, St louis, MO 4/23/01
NEVERMORE- Jaxx, Springfield, VA 5/6/01
NEVERMORE- Jaxx, Springfield, VA 9/21/01
NEVERMORE- Peabody's, Cleveland, OH 7/5/99 (2CDs)
NEVERMORE- JJ Kelly's, Lansing, IL 9/15/01
NIGHTWISH- Sometimes Wishes Come True 10/24/00 (2CDs)
NIGHTWISH- Kupio, Finland 9/23/00
NIGHTWISH- Vosselaar, Belgium 5/22/00
NIGHTWISH- Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France 10/18/00
NIGHTWISH- Torino, Italy 2/12/99
NIGHTWISH- Madrid, Spain 11/25/99
NIGHTWISH- Lille, France 10/17/00
NIGHTWISH- Bochum, Germany 11/21/99
NIGHTWISH- Gorbunovs Palace Of Culture, Moscow, Russia 8/24/01
NILE- Vera, Groningen, Holland 2/16/01
NILE- Meow Meow, Portland, OR 7/20/02
NILE- Graceland, Seattle, WA 7/21/02
NUCLEAR ASSAULT- Wacken Festival, Germany 8/3/02
OPETH- The Shelter, Dublin, Ireland 12/7/01 (2CDs)
OPETH- Welcome To The Drapery Falls Cafe 4/26/01
OPETH- Jaxx, Springfield, VA 4/10/01
OPETH- Jaxx, Springfield, VA 5/6/01
OPETH- The Smell Of Death, Chicago, IL 4/12/01
OPETH- Astoria, London, UK 9/8/95
OPETH- La Locomotive, Paris, France 11/13/01 (2CDs)
OPETH- Camden Underworld, London, UK 12/4/01
OPETH- Creepy Crawl, St Louis, MO 4/23/01
ORIGIN- Seattle, WA 8/16/00
ORIGIN- Meow Meow, Portland, OR 7/20/02
ORIGIN- Graceland, Seattle, WA 7/21/02
PAIN- Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden 4/11/00
PAIN- Kolinsborg, Stockholm, Sweden 1/23/02
PANTERA- Beast Feast, Tokyo, Japan 8/26/01
PANTERA- Dynamo Festival Eindhoven, Holland 5/30/98
PANTERA- Far Beyond Live, Montreal, Canada 4/10/94
PARADISE LOST- Ludwigsburg, Germany 4/14/91
PARADISE LOST- Bergum, Holland 4/7/92
PARADISE LOST- Sweden, January 1994
PARADISE LOST- Denmark, January 1994
PARADISE LOST- Lost Season In Sadness 11/16/93
PARADISE LOST- Bizzare Festival, Colonge, Germany 8/22/98
PRIMORDIAL- London, England 9/20/95
RHAPSODY- Kawasaki, Japan 5/6/01 (2CDs)
RHAPSODY- Madrid, Spain 4/4/02 (2CDs)
RHAPSODY- Paris, France 5/11/00
RHAPSODY- Paris, France 5/12/00
RHAPSODY- Hamburg, Germany 4/9/00
RHAPSODY- Hard Club, Oporto, Portugal 5/4/00
RHAPSODY- Milano, Italy 4/28/00
RHAPSODY- The Lost Emerald, Copenhagen, Denmark 2000
RITUAL CARNAGE- Live Station, Tokyo, Japan 10/28/00
ROTTING CHRIST- Paris, France 1998
RUNNING WILD- Metal Hammer Festival, Loreley, Germany 9/14/85
SABBAT(JAP)- Valhalla, Kuopio, Finland 9/9/00
SABBAT(UK)- Dusseldorf, Germany 1988
SABBAT(UK)- Nottingham, England 6/6/87
SABBAT(UK)- Vosselaar, Belgium 9/7/89
SADUS- Thrash Of The Titans, San Francisco, CA 8/11/01
SAMAEL- Columbus, OH 9/10/99
SATYRICON- Roskilde Festival, Denmark 6/28/02
SAVATAGE- Wacken Festiva, Germany 8/2/02
SENTENCED- La Loco, Paris, France 11/5/00
SEPULTURA- Beast Feast, Tokyo, Japan 8/25/01
SEPULTURA- Tribal Dance, Tilburg, Holland 6/7/91
SEVEN WITCHES- JB's, Dudley, UK 5/12/02
SIGH- Live Station, Tokyo, Japan, 3/13/00
SINERGY- Madrid, Spain 10/1/99
SINERGY- Kallewerk, Bad Salzungen, Germany 10/14/00
SINERGY- Umeda Heat Beat, Osaka, Japan 7/8/99 (First Live Performance)
SLAYER- Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark 10/1/01 (2CDs)
SLAYER- Terrorizing Stockholm, Sweden 6/27/00
SLAYER- Devils Disciple, Donnington, UK 8/22/92
SLAYER- Dance Of The Dead 11/22/91
SLAYER- Luttenburg, Holland 6/2/85
SLAYER- Milan, Italy 1/26/89 (2CDs)
SLAYER- Roskilde Festival, Denmark 1/7/99
SLAYER- The Sickness Within
SLAYER- Ozzfest, Donington, UK 5/25/02
SLAYER- Ozzfest, Nijmegan, Holland 6/1/02
SOILWORK- Milwaukee Metalfest, WI 8/11/01
SONATA ARCTICA- Bordeaux, France 10/23/01
SONATA ARTICA- Provinssi Rock Festival, Finland 2000
SOUL REAPER- Garatge, Barcelona, Spain 5/21/00
SUFFOCATION- New York City, NY 4/9/98
SUSPERIA- The Inferno Festival, Norway 4/14/01
SYMPHONY X- Divine Twilight Of Damnation, Paris, France 10/21/98
TESTAMENT- Dynamo Festival Eindhoven, Holland 6/3/00
TESTAMENT- Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden 6/7/00
TESTAMENT- Roseland Theater, Portland, OR 4/2/93
TESTAMENT- Norfolk, VA 11/20/89 (2CDs)
TESTAMENT- Nurmberg, Germany 10/4/99 (2CDs)
TESTAMENT- Paris, France 5/26/88
TESTAMENT- Westland, MI 8/21/87
TESTAMENT (LEGACY)- Thrash Of The Titans, San Francisco, CA 8/11/01
THEATER OF TRAGEDY- Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium 5/8/02
THEATER OF TRAGEDY- Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium 1/27/01
THERION- Guadalajara, Mexico 11/10/01
THERION- Wacken Festival, Wacken, Germany 8/4/01
THERION- Metropolitan Opera house, Mexico City, Mexico 11/11/01 (2CDs)
TIDFALL- Vasteras, Sweden 1/24/02
TYPE O NEGATIVE- Stockholm, Sweden 12/5/99
TYPE O NEGATIVE- Slims, San Francisco, CA 12/14/00 (2CDs)
TYPE O NEGATIVE- Hartford, CT 3/11/00
VADER- Nancy's, Cork, Ireland 3/17/02
VADER- The Shelter, Dublin, Ireland 8/31/02
VIOLENCE- Thrash Of The Titans, San Francisco, CA 8/11/01
VIRGIN STEELE- Thy Majesty Of Steele, Paris, France 4/21/98
VITAL REMAINS- Rock Palace, New Britain, CT 8/31/96
WATCHTOWER- Rotterdam, Holland 4/9/90
WITCHERY- North Six, Brooklyn, NY 12/1/01
ZYKLON- Razzmatazz 2, Barcelona, Spain 4/19/01

I should be adding 50+ soon too. -Casey
jesus man - you're a machine !!
no prob's... let me know what ya i said, i'm looking for about 15 or so from you....let me know what you're interested in and we'll get the numbers right. Did your live Vader CD turn up at all?
Originally posted by flosskkii
jesus man - you're a machine !!
no prob's... let me know what ya i said, i'm looking for about 15 or so from you....let me know what you're interested in and we'll get the numbers right. Did your live Vader CD turn up at all?

Sometimes I do over-do things a bit with the trading :(
But I can't help it, some sort of addiction :)
Vader hasn't turned up yet, I'll see if my friend still has his when I'm over at his place this weekend and I'll borrow it to burn you a copy if you still need/want it. -Casey
@the first 2 guys in this thread: are they MP3-sourced bootlegs, or direct from MiniDisc/DAT, etc? And have you checked to make sure they're "clean?"

@ironfelix: Hey there kid! (it's MINJ)

edit: oh, nevermind, this is a 3-year old thread, lol
The Crown live @ Kolinsborg, Stockholm, Sweden 31/05/02
Pain live @ Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden 11/04/ 00
Pain live @ Kolinsborg, Stockholm, Sweden 23/01/02
HAUNTED, THE- The Shrine, Stockholm, Sweden 5/31/02
HAUNTED, THE- Kafe 44, Stockholm, Sweden 12/18/01
TESTAMENT- Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden 6/7/00 my Masters, recorded by MD & Sony ECM-MS907