A great idea I had one day


In memory of Chuck
May 2, 2001
Corner Brook Canada
Actually it was today ,anyways . I have been writting many theorys about various things in the past few days . And then I had a great Idea , there should be a site were people can submit there theorys and other things like lyrics or poetry , so i'm making one . This may sound stupid to you but it will really be interesting once I get a few people submitting stuff , anyway the site is not finnished , but it's starting to look shitty so for the next few weeks i'm gonna ponder on the whole idea and try to design a site , if anybody would like to help or would like to send in stuff then e-mail me at ablackwaterpark@hotmail.com , and if you have any ideas e-mail me with them to or just post back here . Thanx

Glen Winters