A haul....


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Jul 28, 2001
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OK this is thatnks to my brother and his gullable flat mate, cheers boys :kickass:

I got:

Meshuggah- Nothing
Spineshank- Self-destructive pattern :kickass:

and this morning while wondering around the markets I managed to borrow a coupla bucks and get IE's The Dark saga, just to up my luck some more The dark saga is a limited edition with a hand written number of 827..I thought that was a sweet score for $15..gotta love it when CD re-sellers have no idea of what they are selling :headbang:
Spineshank....I think I saw them in support of Fear Factory in 98. They're touring here soon aren't they?
I dunno if they are touring here soon..Im a fan of the band, but i don't keep a close eye on em when they tour, hell im going to Metallica in January I cant afford to go anywhere else