A moonched reflection


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Jun 10, 2001
Poland, N. Sarzyna
Cold greetings,
Have anyone of you ever heard of 'Dark Tranquillity - Trail of the life decayed/Katatonia - A moonclad reflection' bootleg split? I found an info about it somewhere on the net. Any comments?
forlorn soul: Yes, you're right - the only official Katatonia split is that great looking vinyl shared with Primordial.

As for the bootleg - I can't confirm if it really exists. The problem is I lost the link to the website where I found this info. But there was nothing more then a list of all Katatonia releases (one of them was the split mentioned), no e-mail address, nothing which could help to verify if it's true. So if you find any useful information please let me know.

PS. If anyone cares, there is a tape containing a recording of one of the first Katatonia rehearsals, dated around '88-'89.
Hey, you're really fast! It's a different link but at least there is an email address.

I must check this out! Thanks 'the-lull'!

PS. Sorry for the mistake in spelling 'A moonclad reflection' :loco:
Hi again.
The guy responsible for this page has told me the sad truth about this CD...
It is in fact the split CD with Primordial which is on this CD...
No, we won't hear Katatonia forgotten tracks this time....;)