A question for y'all


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Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane, Australia

I'm planning on going to the UK next year to work and stuff (working holiday, y'know?) and part of my fundraising is selling a good deal of my CD collection. My question is, what is a reasonable price to sell each CD?

CDs I'm planning on parting ways with include Black Sabbath, Anthrax, AC/DC, Deep Purple, the live Bruce Dickinson albums, my old Maiden CDs (I bought the remasters, so I have copies of most of the albums I don't want), Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Kiss, Marillion, some Megadeth stuff (Risk, Hidden Treasures), Pink Floyd, Powderfinger, the last two Queensryche albums, Samson, Santana, Sepultura, Slayer, Therion, Steve Vai, Van Halen, Yes, and other assorted stuff - basically CDs I can do without owning, while keeping the stuff I can't part with.

I've never sold CDs before, and I don't want to sell them to a second-hand store and get $5 each for them (if that), so how much is a reasonable price to sell them? I'll probably sell em over the net or at the markets, or something. Won't be doing it any time real soon, but wanted to get a general idea anyway! Oh, and if anyone is interested in anything, let me know! :)

I was thinking $10-15 as well.

The live Brucies are Alive in Studio A and Scream For Me Brazil, neither of which I care much for.

Once I get the definite list together of what to sell I'll send it to you.
*@&)*&@!^$)&#* SELL SOME TO ME!!!!

I'd be interested in some pre-John Anthrax, any AC/DC, any Maiden that I don't have, any Kiss that I don't have (mainly 80s stuff), and Van Halen - 1984 if you're selling that one haha :)

Oh and Hidden Treasures hehe.

As far as price, yeah I'd be thinking it depends on how much the CDs are to buy new... I mean albums that are $30 new i'd sell for $15, albums that are $20 new or things like the old un-remastered Maiden ones I'd sell for $10.
Hey, there are a lot of Aussies here...

I've been hanging out in the Opeth and Katatonia forums.... but i guess you guys here are into different music.

Iron Maiden rock. I love them, but I don't feel they meet the former two bands I've mentioned.

Maiden rocks!
While I'm at it, does anybody want to buy/trade a copy of Dream Theatre's Scenes From A Memory? Very good condition, only played in its entirety four times. I enjoyed it at first, but got fed up with it very quickly. LaBrie's voice was a big part of that, as were some of the more self-indulgent instrumental bits.

Email address is above if you're interested :).

While I'm at it, I have a few CDs i wouldn't mind offloading:

Metallica - Load
Metallica - Reload
Metallica - S & M
Symphony X - V (Apprently excellent prog power metal, I don't see it hehe)
Behemoth - Grom (Crappy raw crusty black metal)

Um, I think that's it haha.

If anyone is interested, tell me haha. But I probably doubt it.

Lets say.... $10 each for Symphony X, Load and Reload, $15 for S & M, $5 for Behemoth.
Sorry Troops, but I think you'll have to sell the Metallica CDs as coasters or frisbees....you'll get more for them that way. :p
I have Load - and actually don't mind it. :)

I borrowed Reload from friends after it came out - It was awful. No way I'd buy it. The Memory Remains?? :lol: :lol:

S & M is cool enough, but I'm simply not into Metallica these days.
I'll swap Metallica's shithouse black album for something better.......which means just about anything! Hehehe well anything good anyway. :)
A word of advice (nothing to do with cd's)
if you are planing on working in the uk you will need a bank account over here, these are really hard to get, you have to give them proof of address in the uk, the only thing they will accept is a bill addressed to you or a bank statement.
If you know anyone in the uk, open a bank account with the address of your friend in the uk, just put a little bit of money in it and get the statements posted to that address.
Then you will have no problems when you get here.
it took me 3 months :(
Also, consider working and living in Ireland it is totally awesome and much more friendly than england.
Good luck......