Acid user's


In memory of Chuck
May 2, 2001
Corner Brook Canada
Sence we are all music lovers ,,, and i'm sure some of us like drugs *cough* satori *cough* ,,,,,,I haven't tried much acid ,, but there has been a good shipment of acid come in Corner Brook so me and the singer for one of my bands are gonna try it and record/write some shit

Question - What is your favorite song , band , or cd to listen to while on acid .

I've only listened to 10 or 15 cd's while on acid ,, so my favorite songs would be ,,,,,

Anything from Porcupine Tree
Opeth - The drapery Falls , Face of melinda ( that one freaks me out, makes me feel like i'm swimming and I can feel water everywhere on my body)

Ulver - Een Stemme Locker ,, this is cool because the guitars never change and you can think they are changing ,, I can't explain it

so what is your favorite acidic song
Mmm acid, I´m actually afraid of acid and most drugs, don´t want to get crazy in the coconut. One drug that I like though is Opeth.

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I think you misunderstand the difference between the opinions of people on this forum concerning useage of marajuanna, and useage of heavier drugs, such as acid. Marajuanna is almost harmless, (anything in large quantities is bad anyway). Whereas acid is much more dangerous. I have a feeling you will find far fewer acid users here than weed smokers.

Also: why do you want to write while on acid? Seems like what would be produced would be rather fake, meaning that it's not really from your creative mind, but from your hallucinations during a trip.
if you need to use drugs to improve your writing/playing skills, you should better mow the lawn. of course everyone has played music while drunk or stoned or whatever. but what's the reason of intentionally laying back and using drugs for being more inspired? i have no regret for drug addicts who got there because of such an idiotical idea.