Jul 15, 2001
The starry attic
Who are you and what do you do (in the band)?

I'm Riccardo, the ADVENT' s drummer

Where's the band from?

We are from Turin, Italy

Who're your major influences?

Every kind of interesting music

What's your local scene like?

In Turin there’s a great underground metal scene. We want to remember first of all : Adversam, Moldoror, Domine Tenebrarum

How can people hear your music?

By visit our web-site and make contact with us at

If you could play a gig with 3 other bands, who would it be?

Novembre, Dissection, Sepultura

What's your best gig memory?

Route 66 in Turin … our first little live performance

What's your worst?

Route 66 in Turin … our second little live performance ! But it was funny too, a lot of problem, bad ampli, the drummer on a chair, the vocalist out from the little scene … and someone that sits down on the main alimentation cable and shut all up !

Would you describe your sound as Hot or Cold?


What are you plans for the future?

We are preparing new tracks for the next demo cd, which we’ll record in September 2002

What song of yours should people listen to before any other?

"Refulgent Moon", but anyone that heard “From a distant landscape” preferred “Hemking” instead.

If a label said they'd sign you for a 10 album, multi-million £ deal, providing you got rid of one of your members (you can choose!), would you do it?

ah ah ah...the guitarist (il chitarraio)! ( Chitarraio : Piciu ();-) )

What's your favourite album of all time, and why?

"Nemesis Divina" Satyricon: fast, brutal,cold...the quintessence of black metal!

What was the main reason you became a musician?

1)girls 2)girls....ehm, only one reason: love for hear and play music!

How would you like to be remembered?

mmm....i'm too young for think about it!

What's the first word that comes to mind when you see the word MANOWAR!
classic (old!)

What one location in the world would you love to play a gig at?

Wacken open air festival

What do you think of the current metal magazines? Which rock, and which are shit?

i read only one (great) metal magazine: Grind Zone.

Tell us 3 good reasons why people should listen to you?

1)We are the best...ehm, 1)Majestic melody 2)Hyper-fast rhytmics 3)infinite passion

Any message for your fans and the UM masses?

support our music !