The Truth Seeker
Mar 14, 2003
Planet Earth
ALBUM: Exordium

LABEL: Transmission Records
BAND URL: http://


Exordium – Disk 1

1. Line of Thoughts (Instrumental)
2. Beneath
3. My Choice
4. Glorifying Means
5. The Evil that Men Do
6. One Day I’ll Fly Away

Insights – Disk 2 – DVD

1. My Choice (Video Clip)
2. Making of . . . My Choice
3. Studio Recordings
4. Slide Show
5. Artwork


AFTER FOREVER are a symphonic gothic metal band from The Netherlands. The release of Exordium comprises of two discs, one is the self titled mini-album and the other is a dvd featuring behind the scenes footage. The band comprise of Floor Jansen (soprano), Sander Gommans (guitar), Bas Maas (guitar), Lando Van Gils (synths), Luuk Van Gervan (bass) and Andre Borgman (drums).

The album launches into the hammering ‘Line of Thoughts’ which taper off just enough to allow an acoustic guitar to drive the action against the interspersed drums and tagging violinist that fuels this gothic masterpiece. ‘Beneath’ is a passionate foray into the subject of street rage - a disgusting phenomenon that seems to be sweeping through Europe in which individuals unable to deal with the stress of modern living lash out and murder for no apparent reason. ‘My Choice’ is a tranquil ballad that explores the ever increasing demands that are imposed on our decisions to live a fulfilling life but are counter-weighed against our need of consumerism. Floor’s impressive vocal range punches out during the chorus section to elevate the piece onto an emotional plane. ‘Glorifying Means’ stretches its musical realms by employing a secondary vocalist to play out its demonic vocals against the angelic vocals of Floor Jansen. ‘The Evil that Men Do’ is of course an IRON MAIDEN cover and the band executes it with ease. The vocal arrangement may seem a bit weak coming from Floor Jansen but the band make up for it in their instrumentation. The guitar work is flawless and its solos just jettison any misconceptions away. The final track ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’ by the great Randy Crawford is another great showpiece for the band, showing off their prowess and versatility.

The accompanying dvd contains the video for ‘My Choice’ and its behind the scenes making. The video itself is a rather low-budget affair which is a shame because it lessens the impact of the track itself. Other titbits on the album are: the live ‘boot-leg’ recording of the cover version of ‘The Evil that Men Do; still pictures taken from their previous tours and liner notes production.

Reviewer – Chief B
Rating – 7 /10