Agalloch's new MCD reviewed

Aug 10, 2001
Hi everybody,

Some of you might know me from other boards on the net (since I'm pretty much everywhere).

I just wanted to inform you that there is a review of Agalloch's new MCD on Musique[Machine].

I thought this could interest you since Agalloch is an excellent band (on The End records) that has many BMD-era Katatonia influences with also some Bergtatt-era Ulver and their epic songs and overall brilliance has often been compared to Opeth (although the bandmembers are not fans from what I've read)...

I'm not affiliated with the band or anything, I just happen to have written the review and I enjoy their music.

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Originally posted by Demonspell
I love the two songs from Pale Folklore that I've heard, it does have an Opeth-like atmopshere at times...where can I hear something from the new release?

Well, if you read my review you will see that this "new release" is not really new. It's a EP that contains an old unreleased 7", a cover of Sol Invictus and an instrumental neo-classical piece.

I strongly recommend that you get their debut, "Pale Folklore" since it's much better when experienced as an album (just like Opeth) than some mp3s..

btw, my review can be found at

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Oh believe me after hearing and being enthralled by Enchanted Ebony, As Embers Dress The Sky, and Dead Winter Days I am placing an order for Pale Folklore this week. I just wanted to sample something from the EP before making a decision regarding it, and I had read about some of its songs predating the full-length in your review and others.
Well, as I said in my review, the 3 songs from the 7" EP are very much so in the vein of Pale Folklore but only a little rawer. The quality is nearly as high (which is damn good if you ask me) and the two other songs are enjoyable.

I'm pretty sure that anyone who enjoys PF more than a little would also appreciate this EP since it's hard to get enough of Agalloch (unlike Opeth, they only have one full lenght album and they take their time in making others)

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