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Theater of Omens

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Sep 6, 2002
L.A., Cali
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Alex Arellano has a site up. He is the drummer in the Fractured Dimension, which is a band that Ron will appear in. Alex is an amazing drummer, with a style that is unique and jaw dropping. Site has a video, some pics, his discography and much more. Take a look and a listen.

Here is a quote by PROGNOSIS on Mr. Arellano (Power of Omens- Rooms of Anguish):
[font=Arial, Batang]Alex Arellano may be the best drummer you have never heard of, he playfully fills the musical voids with some of the most innovative percussive drumming anywhere, it is as if he were two persons, he follows the ever changing song structures with a dedicated time assurance, yet his hands are doing some of the most incredible cymbal work, and tom fills humanly possible, he is a special player[/font]