Tech/Prog drummer available

akuma kun

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Feb 26, 2004
Hi All,

-Just to spread the word around.
I heard that the ex-drummer for Power of Omens Alex Arellano is playing with a new band called Fractured Dimension but he is also available for other bands.

I can say I am a good friend of his so I thought I would post regarding this.
I know this is not a classified section but thought "what the hell"?

if I can't spread the word on this site, where can I?

If anyone is interested or knows a band or musicians looking for a phenomenal drummer, just e-mail me @

Tay :D
I'm sure he is honored being named with Bobby Jarzombek.

I am working on a simple website for Alex , that way other musicians interested in working with him or fans can contact him or find out his latest news.
I'll update once it's launched.

So, if you know anyone that is interested in a drummer that is polyphonical and not afraid of it ......... :D