Americans are naturally quite defensive aren't they?

JayKeeley said:
The day Bush won the 2nd term election, the front page of The Sun (english newspaper) had a big picture of Bush on the front page with the title, "How can 250 million people be so dumb?".
hahahaha oh man this rules.


Back on topic I listened to this album today, and it's way better than anything Anthrax ever did. I don't know how this forum sleeps at night without recognizing the brilliance that was S.O.D.
I rarely get defensive about my political stance and certainly not about my nationality, the thing that pisses me off is when people assume that just because I'm antiwar and disapprove of our fucked beyond repair government means that I couldn't give a shit about this country. I have to agree with Lurch that standing up for your origins is genetic, we just make the most noise and tend to be a real dick about it way too much.
JayKeeley said:
But if you go on "vibe" alone, the Brits & Aussies for certain are quite laid back and can laugh at themselves quite openly.

I'm getting worried that this may not be around much longer in this great nation. There's this huge surge of nationalism going on right now, on account of the huge numbers of immigrants these days, all about the "our great nation" and being an Australian above all else. Personally, I'm pretty comfortable judging people individually, as opposed to based on whether they're "Aussie" or not (except for those people who want to be sub-categorized... they can fuck off).

General Zod said:
who in many ways live under our protective wing

I think it is that kind of attitude which leads to a lot of criticism; whether justified or otherwise, the perceived superiority/police-the-world foreign policy is going to piss a lot of people off, and result in increased criticism. That results in a vicous circle, that ends with the defensiveness JK mentions, and more criticism.

I also feel it's something to do with the age of America as a country; being so young, a lot of the vociferous population is still very patriotic, which can make criticism hard to take. A lot of European countries are old, and many people aren't so patriotic. As such when criticism is levelled at us, most will agree if they think it is true, rather than being irked.

I was thinking about this as I have a couple of American friends who are both anti-Bush, but feel compelled to defend him when the subject comes up in conversation, because they think an attack on the current government is an attack on the country. If anyone from the US criticises Tony Blair here, virtually everyone will heartily agree with them.

BTW, those are just observations, and are not intended as criticisms. Both attitudes clearly have pros and cons, it's not intended to make you defensive ;)
JayKeeley said:
If the Dixie Chicks were British, and they went to Texas and announced what a douchebag Tony Blair was, I don't think the Brits would cast them out and call them "Saddam's Angels" etc. Ugh.

Haha, I think most people would be applauding them. Have you been following UK news? The entire cabinet has virtually gone into meltdown in the last week :zombie:
JayKeeley said:
And that pretty much sums it up. I think most people are more chilled out about their respective nations.
Except when soccer is involved. :rolleyes:

Germany is probably one of the least nationalistic/ patriotic countries. We're not allowed to be patriotic, and I actually like that. Nationalism too easily leads to arrogance as well as to said defensiveness and, in the case of the US, the 'superiority/police-the-world foreign policy' Russell mentioned.

Caring about your country is okay, but you can overdo it: o_O

lurch70 said:
Americans are just louder
That's what gives American tourists a bad rep. :p
NADatar said:

Back on topic I listened to this album today, and it's way better than anything Anthrax ever did. I don't know how this forum sleeps at night without recognizing the brilliance that was S.O.D.
Truth (except for the better than Anthrax part:loco: ) Love S.O.D. And that album doesn't get much talk.
cthulufhtagn said:
holy shit maren that website is fucking crazy! :guh:

that's such a fucking caricature, covers all the bases...i almost think it's a parody :lol: :erk:

holy shit but I hate fuckers like that

I think the title of the thread should be 'are americans naturally offensive?'

generally I think like most countries there are good and bad and I have a lot of american chums who are well balanced talented people
unfortunatly it always seems to be the fucking binlids who have control and are at the forefront of government + media and cause there to be sweeping generalisations that all americans are fuckwits which is obviously not true
but easy to make