Anarchy Drums - A Skate Punk Drum VST Library


Jul 25, 2014
Detroit, MI


Anarchy Drums - A Skate Punk Drum VST Library
Skate or Destroy!! Noodles kicks ass!! Fat Mike!! Kids was the greatest movie ever!! Newport Beach!!

It Might Get Loud Productions proudly presents Anarchy Drums, a virtual drum sample library/instrument that captures the sound of the 1990’s California Punk.Just like those classic albums, Anarchy Drums was recorded with a handful of mics at a DIY environment on tape. Idea was to capture nothing but the drums, the room and the preamp.We left the tweaking to a bare minimum so you could tweak more, or not tweak at all (insert a famous punk band name here, ha)Relive the golden days of never-ending skate parks with Anarchy Drums.VST/AU compatible. AAX Support coming soon!

  • Over 2800 drum samples.
  • Drums: 1 kick, 1 snare, 2 toms and a whole set of cymbals (hihat, ride, 2 crashes, china, 2 splashes).
  • Each drum has many adjustable mics: Close, room close, room far, overheads and bassdrum & snare includes also close rear mic.
  • Each drum has it's own pan and gain knobs.
  • Each mic has it's own gain knob.
  • Each mic can also be routed to any of the 16 stereo outputs.
  • A simple 1 stereo output mode by default.
  • Each drumhit's midinote is freely adjustable.
  • A soundcheck-mode for adjusting drums without the need of external midiclips during the pre-mix.
  • Extensive MIDI Groove Library with over 90+ beats and 30+ fills
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Nov 22, 2007
Poconos, PA
Haha oh mannnn I used to be sooooo into this genre when I was like 17. I thought my band would be the next NOFX or something. Haha!

Boy, did that scene sure rise and fall quickly.
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