Anthrax Reunion Tour -> New Saint album?

Mr Blackwell

Dec 29, 2003
Vienna, Austria, Europe
Now that it looks likely that an Anthrax Reunion tour with Joey Belladonna (and Frank Bello?) is in the works, does this mean that John Bush and Joey Vera will have the time and freedom to record a new Armored Saint album?

Mr Blackwell said:
Well, one Anthrax reunion tour would be okay, while Armored Saint are up and running again. Then record another Anthrax album with John Bush.
That would be pretty a band with two line-ups? I would rather go and see Saint reunion then...
I heard through some reliable sources that John will NOT be returning after the reunion shows. He feels betrayed and should. Scott and Charlie are backstabbing, money grubbin' asses with no loyalty. I for one am not that sad as I think that Saint is much better than Anthrax and would love to see another Saint album/tour. Plus, if he does leave, there will be a lot of bands trying to get him to join. I know I would do anything to have him as a vocalist for my band. Just my 2 cents.