Any NZers thinking of flying to Aus for any of the shows? READ THIS IF YOU ARE!!!


The Wayfarer
Mar 18, 2003
New Zealand
Here's the story...I'm in Cambridge and I want to go and see Opeth. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, none of my mates have got into Opeth and so no one I know would want to go to Australia with me to see em. Now, going all by myself would be lame to say the least. Yeah I get to see Opeth live. But by myself? Woo. Since I don't want to go all by my lonesome that means I'm not going...unless:

Are any NZers flying over to see Opeth? If so...any chance I could meet up and kinda tag along? I'd be looking at flying out from Hamilton though Auckland probably wouldn't be too much of a mission. Since I'm 18 I'd also be looking at going to an 18+ (or all ages?) gig. Maybe Melbourne or Brisbane.

Email me at if anyone can help me out here.

Hey dude! I'm not from NZ but Tasmania... sorta the same :p None of my mates are going, I'm flying up to Melbourne and seeing their gig on Saturday the 27th. If you dont know anyone else, I'd be more than happy to meet you and we could have some beers or rums or whatever. is my email/msn, drop me a line if ur keen.


d3rt (Chris)