any shows in the US coming up?

Yeah, I have been waiting years to see Riot, would LOVE to be able to catch a show here in the US. Anywhere in the Northeast (Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey) and I'm SO there.
The Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse would be a great festival to play.
This year's inagural edition features Cage, Sacred Oath, Skullview, Obsession, Helstar, etc....
Hey guys,

We are working on a few shows in the US before the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise in January 2012. We keep you posted, please check tour dates regularly!

Thanks for your support!
What about sydney_australia if you get to japan ok...???

I am based here....
I've heard from inside peoples that a very mini US tour is in the works. This is tentative though. I'll see you guys there if it happens.
Riot jan.19th Jaxx West Springfield Virginia...and jan.20th Montage Music Hall Rochester New addition to the B.B. Kings NYC show on the 18th just in case no one noticed...these shows are going to be awesome!!!
For all the Riot fans heading to NYC tomorrow...a good place to have some food and a pre-show drink or two is Smith's bar on the corner of 8th avenue and 44th street,it's casual and right down the street...have fun!
Yeah...last nights show in NYC was great...being the extremely talented musicians these guys are, the show came across loud and clear...wish i was going again tonight at Jaxx but it just cannot happen...possibly heading to Rochester on friday... if not everyone enjoy!
Unfortunately the show at JAXX was canceled by the promoter and not even the band knew about it. Kudos to the band for hanging out with the fans anyhow. Riot were very gracious and spent a lot of time hanging out and talking with the fans. Thank you Riot! As for JAXX nightclub WTFO!