Any New Merchandise?


New Metal Member
Oct 28, 2011
Would love to get some new Riot gear. How about some shirts with the Thundersteel, Privilege of Power, Rock City, Narita, Immortal Soul or Restless Breed artwork?:headbang:
Hi guys, we appreciate you patience!
Merchandise is produced as we speak and we hope to deliver a webshop for you in a couple of weeks. Thanks for waiting it out! You will not be disappointed.
The shirts look awesome! Good to see the tank tops. Any long sleeve shirts coming?
Great looking merch...i'm assuming they will have these for sale at the upcoming shows...i'm in for at least 4 new shirts...see you all at b.b.kings on january 18th!
For the US shows, we'll have Thundersteel and Immortal Soul T-Shirts, girlies and beanies. No long sleeves at the moment. The other items are currently only available through our European store. Thanks for your feedback!