The Boys are Back in Town: Riot Returns with Immortal Soul (2011)

Maiden and Priest - start taking notes. This is how you do heavy metal, instead of overly boring and drawn out pretentious "creativity" you both committed to recording for your last albums....Most surprising, however, is how good Tony Moore sounds after taking a lengthy break from the music scene. While he isn't pitch for pitch matched with his Thundersteel performance, his voice is in tip top shape, besting his peers Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford.
A little less surprising is the rest of the band's performance because I don't expect a deterioration of their personal musicality. Jarzombek remains a living legend behind the drum kit, Reale still offers punchy, melodic, bluesy, and shredtastic leads, and the rest of the guys are solid as ever...

...Reale and the boys have crafted something energetic and creative defying their ages, hinting at what Riot could potentially offer the community in years to come.

Step up your game, Maiden and Priest.

And another one for being one of the best albums 2011

This album has everything, melody, speed, power and top-notch performances. Reale hasn’t shredded like this in years. Moore has not, I repeat, not lost any of his vocal range and power. Some of the notes he hits are unreal. Jarzombek, a monster drummer in any band, puts on a drum-clinic with fills and flair that go above and beyond the standard power Metal double-kick attack. This album just absolutely kills with raging power. It’s certainly a complete clone of THUNDERSTEEL, down to the production, delivery, song-writing, even some of the drum fills, Moore’s vocal phrasing, the lyrics, everything is a step back in time AND their most accomplished album in two decades. Let that sink in for a second. Two decades! I would rank IMMORTAL SOULS as one of the greatest comebacks in the history of Metal. No lie.