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Aug 26, 2011
Here are the first reviews of killer album "Immortal Soul" - Enjoy!

My Global Mind 9/10
"Here you have one of the rare gems of the Heavy Metal scene.."–-immortal-soul-review/

Metal Express Radio 8/10
"Obviously a must for Riot fans, Immortal Soul should also, if justice be done, bring younger listeners to this vastly underrated band that should had been up there with the Maiden's and Priest's of the world."

The Forgotten Scroll
"You want outstanding lead themes? You got them, you want the trademark vocals that made you love Riot back on the day? You got em. You want some real power? You got it."

Metal Team UK
"The best Riot album since at least Privilege Of Power."
RCN Magazin

Riot wiedervereinigt im „Thundersteel“-Line-Up. Das ist für den US-Power metal-Fan ungefähr so wie Weihnachten, Ostern UND 500 Liter Freibier zusammen. Jetzt muss man ehrlicher Weise sagen, dass die Band über die Jahrzehnte trotz ihrer zahlreichen Stil- und Sängerwechsel eigentlichnie eine wirklich schwache Phase hatte. Aber die Zeit mit Tony Moore war nun einmal die nachhaltigste, die neue klingt dann auch tatsächlich so, als ob der guteTony nie weg gewesen wäre. Über- see-Heavy metal vom Feinsten: mal hektisch flott mit rasenden Gitarrenduellen, mal halb-balladesk hymnisch, mal mit treibendem Groove. Fazit: bockstarkes Reunion-Album. PK

Riot reunited in their "Thundersteel" line-up. This is for the U.S. power metal fan very much like Christmas, Easter and 500 liters of free beer altogether. Now you have to say honestly, that the band over the decades, despite its many styles and singer changes, never really had a weak phase. But the time with Tony Moore was the most sustainable one, and the new music sounds really as if good old Tony has never been away. US-Heavy metal at its finest: partly fast with raging guitar duels, partly with hymnal ballads and sometimes with a driving groove. Conclusion: Super strong reunion album.
And here is the feedback of the print magazines in Germany in their October issues:

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Soundcheck: 6th rank: 10 times dynamite

"Holy shit, the opener "Riot" is kicking some serious ass.... Tony Moore clearly shows he's still got it!


"..Immortal Soul delivers one of the finest traditional Metal.."

Soundcheck: 3rd rank

"...They sure managed to bring back the old feeling"

Soundcheck: 5th rank
"..brilliant Mark Reale delivers soli from another planet... How great that we can still witness one of the greatest Power Metal line-ups ever.."
Examiner, Rating: 9.8 out of 10
"The original lineup from the Thudersteel era has rejoined its music making abilities to put together a release that should be considered one of the best CD's this year. Frontman Tony Moore who has been known for his ultra high vocal range has matured his vox and on the latest effort proves he still has the prowess to bring Riot back to the forefront in the metal scene."

Metal Set Lists
"Riot are one of the most underrated and enduring symbols of classic heavy metal excellence. Along with Saxon they easily earn my pick of the best unsung bands of the strictly "traditional metal" genre - and boy has Riot covered some ground."

RIOT "Immortal Soul" (CD/LP)
The US Metal heroes are back, back in glory. The "Thundersteel" line-up reunion took place some time ago, and after some inconsistent news, we finally have it: their new studio album. And these who worship the legendary "Thundersteel" LP won't be dissapointed! Why did we love that amazing album? Fast rhythms? Great melodies? Amazing guitar solos, and these crazy high pitched vocals? Correct. And we find all of them on "Immortal Soul" as well! The energy just explode through the speakers, and after few seconds of the opening "Riot" (!), we know it's agreat album, and that it is the classic and unique... Riot. This is one of the very best Heavy Metal albums released this year: congratulations! Visit SPV Records @
Bart Gabriel [ 9.5 ]

Riot: Immortal Soul
Melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
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by Craig Hartranft, 10.17.2011

We haven't heard from New York City's Riot in better than five years. Considering the slightly better than average nature of 2006's Army of One, a fan might approach their fourteenth album, Immortal Soul, with some trepidation. Putting your mind at ease from the start, this platter of tunes outshines its predecessor.
Generally, the songs here are better and more diverse. But, likely the largest reason for its vitality is the return of the popular Thundersteel (1988) and The Privilege Of Power (1990) lineup. This means, significantly, that Mike DiMeo is out, and Tony Moore is back on lead vocals. (And for some fans, including this one, that may be the deal maker.) The band rounds out with founder and guitarist Mark Reale, Don Van Stavern (b), Bobby Jarzombek (d), and live guitarist Mike Flyntz.
Immortal Soul is a fine platter of classic Riot. It's a mixture of melodic hard rock and heavy metal, often indistinguishable a times, with lots of the fiery fret work you would expect. Actually, a greater portion of this album leans to the melodic hard rock side, with a dash of metal edge. This is most notable in the second half of Immortal Soul. On tunes like Immortal Soul, Whiskey Man, and Believe there's an echo of a strong rock groove, accentuated by the metal spice and guitar pyrotechnics, that make them incredibly catchy. But this description also rings true for the earlier songs Still Your Man and the lyrically powerful Crawling.
But when Riot goes for the heavy metal, it's pretty much blistering and relentless. Riot, Sins of the Father and, to a slightly lesser extent, Wings Are for Angels are lessons in pure Eighties speed metal. Riot, alone, will run you over like a contentious and unruly mob.
This is nice stuff. Is it close to Narita or Rock City? Yes and maybe. I think times have changed, but the band remembers their core: guitar-driven melodic hard rock and metal with naunces of intrigue. Frankly, it's good to have Riot back in vintage form, if only to piss off the current generation of modern rock ( who can't find a melody or guitar solo to save themselves.).
Immortal Soul is a strong return for Riot. With their classic line up, and Tony Moore on the microphone, the band offers a versatile and entertaining disc of melodic hard rock and metal. Definitely a must buy.

Riot is one of those bands that could be mentioned as "trademark" for the Us Power Metal scene, mainly thanks to their golden 1988-1992 period and their "ThunderSteel" and "Privilege Of Power" albums. Many rumors have been heard the last three years that the band will return to its 1988-1992 golden line up. Well the rumors are over and we got the real thing in our hands called "Immortal Soul": the 14th studio album by the New York Metallers.

From the very first "Riot" opening track the listener would realize that in their latest musical effort Riot stand somewhere in the middle Of "Thundersteel" and "Privilege Of Power" albums. It could not be different. Fast tempos, essential riffing, great lead parts and the vocals of Toony Moore that sings like it is his very last time, are the big features of the album.

It seems that Mark Reale and Toony Moore are the two main mans on the big game that called Immortal Soul. Of course every other single members gives an absolute performance -especially the killer drumming of the one and only Bobby Jarzombek is of course one of the greatest features of the album), but it is more than clear that Reale and Moore are the key persons to make this album a special one and not just "another Rior album".

I would pick up the "Riot" opening track, that would take the listener by storm form the very first minute, the mysterious "Crawling" and the Power / Speed Metal diamond "Wings Are For Angels" as my three favorite tracks of the whole release.

So I guess that we have what we were expecting by this come back: some great -really great- Us Power Metal Steel Enforced by one of the genre's best voice -Toony Moore- and by one of the greatest and characteristic guitar players that you can heard on the US steel pantheon -Mark Reale-. You want outstanding lead themes? You got them, you want the trademark vocals that made you love Riot back on the day? You got em. You want some real power? You got it.

A nice trivia is that Tony Moore himself made the artwork of the album. It could actually fit as a front cover of a late 60s Psychedelic Rock record but it will still make the album notable in every store hahaha. would love to see this cover on the vinyl edition of the album -the vinyl would be double, and colored blue, not bad at all-.

I do not know if we should mention this one as the new "Thundersteel" but is definitely a great comeback featuring the band's best line up and base don the the same musical recipe that made this line up so special between 1988 and 1992. If you have love Riot form those very specific album you going to lvoe this one for sure. It is a release full of passionate, fast and storm taking US Steel.

Review by: Countraven

The Riot of the album show a single thing. That is a band that knows the ravages of time and despite having overcome two decades of music being still earn trays such as the Immortal Soul.

From the first note of the Still your man that opens the disc you realize that you're dealing with a diamond, with a disc by Tony Moore heard more than ever with concise factual interpretations. You understand that Mark Reale and Mike Flyntz may be one of the best guitar twins we listen to riffs that permeate and tantalise and melodies to shake the foundations without being able to escape from their sweet prison where they voluntarily locked and stubbornly refuse to come out.

This album is classic. I walked into the bus time and in a chronompala returned to the 80's and 90's, when listening to Iron Maiden and your hair stood up railing, when the musical opened Quensryche as asphalt roads and on them marched thousands of bands in years that followed, when Judas Priest and Accept our taking off, when the Helloween won by merit the attention of the whole universe then ... then ...

... Yes, the Immortal Soul is innovative and certainly do not expect here techniques that will build their own power. No, there is nothing like that here, but there is the pure metal music. Music that will impress visitors and do not let you catch your breath. The one better than another. Unrivalled in musicality Still Your Man with memories of Maiden's Powerslave years ago and yes, I shuddered to hear it. For years I had to hear a metal without wearing anything shiny, spread over us like a leech and it comes with ten or demijohns oil. The riff in the Riot breaks the rhythmic and Crawling piassariko simply amazing, the Wings Are For Angels outstanding and probably the best of the Immortal Soul. Made for everyday play on radio stations that respect the listener their Sins Of The Father with a dreamy melody and he resurrects a lot of memories. Fast and stakato riff in Fall Before Me a speed away from the rest, with clean metallics self-titled Immortal Soul, and with Moore to excel in Insanity with a galloping bass and melody in the warm embrace. Rhythmic and just the American Whiskey Man and although we arrived at the penultimate track with Believe, the band shows no willingness to surrender their weapons. Continue with a great riff and a great rhythm with Echoes to close the tray ...

... Closed; So that means over; Absolutely not. It is not possible. Ten minutes passed only. Let me see ... Hell, it passed only ten minutes. Pretty much fell to an hour. Tions Hey what album is this; But where did the repeat ?????

Riot - "Immortal Soul" (Steamhammer/SPV)

I honestly feel privileged to do this review - Riot are a band that I've known and seen since the 80s and have a tremendous amount of respect for. Centered around guitarist Mark Reale, they've been going thru thick n thin since the late 70s with a plethora of line ups. To me their legendary album "Thundersteel" is one of THE classic releases of all time and clearly I'm not unique in that perspective as over the years, the Riot fans have repeatedly acknowledged the "Thundersteel" line up as being the definitive one. Well, get ready for a heart attack: "Immortal Soul" not only has been carved out as the successor to "Thundersteel"but features Tony Moore (vocals), Mark Reale (guitar), Don Van Stavern (bass) and Bobby Jarzombek (drums) plus live guitarist Mike Flyntz!!!! Despite 23 years passing by, the sound of "Immortal Soul" has been faithfully reproduced and also contains a mixture of power and hard rock, not forgetting the trademark fretboard burnings that have made Riot a cult band of today. I reveled in the 12 songs making up this album, whether it was 'Wings Are For Angels', 'Insanity' or 'Sins Of The Father' as they all contained elements of those classic songs on "Thundersteel", making this a true n worthy successor, as well as being an aptly titled album reflecting the indomitable spirit of this fine, fine band.
"With 'Immortal Soul,' Riot has not only managed to accomplish the creation of the best Riot album, but one of the greatest pure metal albums of all time."

Exagerated. I really love this album and yes, it's one of the best metal albums from year 2000, but to be honest it's far from being one of the best ever. One thing's for sure: Immortal Soul sets a new standard for today's metal bands, I think that albums like this comes once in a decade.
5 out of 5

"...No matter how skilled the musicians are, without great songs they can’t get anywhere. Immortal Soul is an enormous triumph because they managed to write eleven great songs (and a cool instrumental). On the very first listen, five of them stood out enough to require immediate replay and by the third listen, all were having the same effect. This is one of the best pure metal albums to come along in years and it tickles me to no end it’s Riot that pulled it off."

9 out of 10

"...successful reunion with a cult factor"
This is a strong album and well worth owning if you’re a fan of that era of the band’s music. Bobby Jarzombek shows off his amazing skills as expected. That guy is awesome, period. The guitar work is really good, some of the best I’ve ever heard from Reale. I assume that Flyntz is doing some of the solos too, but not 100% sure.....

If you don’t have this album yet, get it. 8/10