Any Zep singers out there ????


Old Fart
Sep 12, 2007
If anyone is interested and able to lay down some vocals for me, please pm me. I'll send you a link to a wave. Or just click the "Full Song Info" on the soundclick player (link to player below) and download the mp3. Its a dry rough mix and still needs work. But its good enough to lay down vocals to. Its a cover of Communications Breakdown (Zep of course). If your willing and able then sing to a seperate track and send me a link. Keep it at 24 bit / 44100 ,. Hopefully someone out there can do it.
Thanks. Hope to tweak it some more Monday night. My ears were getting tired, and tomorrow is football :) . Maybe I'll have a few vocal tracks to mix in by then. A person can sing it lower. Doesnt have to be as high as Plant does it. Sing it rough like James Hatfield :)