ANYBODY INTO QUEEN'S hard rock era?


Apr 26, 2001
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I just keep listening those old hard rock Queen tunes (and mind you, I'm a huge Roger Taylor fan) and find myself tapping along those tricky drum lines......

Is there anybody into that type of music?

Like White Man, Prophet's Song and stuff.....they shouldn't be those really hard rockers only.....are you guys familiar with the 70's Queen material at all....I mean...those multi tracked vocals and ENORMOUS guitar parts?.....if you are...please report, should be fun to try and do some multi-tracking for a change. And with the vocal harmonies and all....:D
The costumes....yeah!....
(I couldn't face 20000 spectators wearing a multi-colored checker-board leotard...but, god bless Freddie, he could!) if there is any guitarist familiar with Queen material.....we should try out some tunes.

EC...I guess that John Deacon didn't play as furious bass lines as Steve does....shouldn't be too demanding, eh?
Alltough I've heard that John was a quite steady and innovative bass player. But the speed wasn't his greatest asset.:D
I'd be into doing some Queen stuff! :)

Actually Eero, sometimes it's not the speed that makes a bassline difficult. Very often it's the feel that's hard to duplicate. John Deacon fits the latter. It's not so much a matter of what he playes, or how fast, but how he plays it. John Paul Jones is another good example of this. On guitar, Eddie Van Halen is also an example. I don't know about you, but I've heard a million guitar players play Van Halen and match the speed, but I've never, ever heard one that could actually sound like Eddie. It's all in the fingers I guess. :D

:eek: I know what you mean exactly EC.
I've been heavily into Queen and my collection of their material is huge. Therefore I have so many different videos and concert bootlegs that it has been easy to follow each members work.
I would count Deacon in the same league with John Paul Jones and Roger Glover...and why not Geezer Butler.
He really put his soul in the game when he was doing those songs.

One of the finest moments is in the begining of "The Millionaire Walz" where plays a counter-melody to Freddie's quite a furious piano line.

But.....we are still short of players. Any Brian May wannabies?:cry:

They have a preset for it. Sounds pretty much identical. No joke.

This thing is pretty damn versatile. You guys get a very narrow I pretty much tend to use Brit HI all the time for heard (?) some other tones on Burning Ambition and I want out...but those are all still pretty overdriven.

You should check out the Bass POD one day EC. I hear its better than the guitar counterpart. It makes home recording easy enough for twinkie musicians like myself. :)
I might check it out one day rabs, but I'm pretty happy with my ART Nightbass unit. ART has a deal where they'll upgrade and factory recondition the unit (including parts) for a flat 100$ +shipping. An excellent deal, and I'll have to send mine in soon because the programming has an available update and my encoder knob is getting screwy. Also, some of the pots are getting chronically noisy. Once the house stuff is squared away, I'll probably send it in in a month or two.

Cheers! :)
I just spoke to my girlfriend about this idea a bit more, and she said she'd love to give any Queen song a shot at vocals (she's been singing for quite a lot of years, and Queen have been one of her fav bands for almost as long, I think). Is there any more thoughts on recording any of their tunes?