Anybody see the trailer for RockStar?


May 11, 2001
Cary, NC
This is kind of off-topic, but did anyone see the trailer for RockStar? Some new movie with M. Wahlberg.. He plays a heavy metal fan who becomes the new lead singer for his favorite band, Steel Dragon...

Anyway, it's a stretch, but some of the shots of the main character looked vaguely like Mikael Åkerfeldt...

Anybody else see the trailer?
Apparently that movie is pretty much based (as the original title "Metal God" would suggest) on Judas Priest, specifically with Rob Halford's leaving the band and being replaced by Tim Owens, and the whole "Owens belonging to a Priest cover band then actually joining the real band" thing.
Great, and its main character is Marky-fucking-Mark and the Funkybunch. It'd be nice if they picked someone that wasn't a rapper and wegro to boot. Lame.

(Not saying the movie will suck, just saying the fact that Mark fucking Walberg is the main character in a film about a heavy metal band is lame).