Anyone listen to Snakenet Metal Radio?


May 11, 2001
Cary, NC
Just curious if anyone out there listens to Snakenet Metal Radio while at work (or at home)....

They play a lot of Opeth and a large variety of just about every metal genre out there...they take requests too, and have a pretty large selection to choose from...

Anyway, i was on the web site this AM, and noticed they are putting out a call for unsigned bands seeking airplay to send in stuff to them...just wondering if this might wrk for some of the Opethian bands on this forum? I think it'd be pretty cool to hear some of your bands on there....

Any thoughts?
Hmmm, Iron Maiden vs. Opeth! That's a tough one! Iron Maiden is a classic. They're the fucking masters! Yet on the other hand, they did put out a few really crappy albums. So I'd have to say my vote goes to Opeth.