Apocalypse Radio

Hola amigoz!

Well, buffering is a problem...ack...we are currently borrowing space on a server of a friend so...but we use two or three addresses as I'm told:

http://itradio.hallah.nu:8000 (normal server)
http://itradio.hallah.nu:6666 (server for modems?)
http;//dreams.hallah.nu:8000 (just another server...)

Try anyone of these and use Real Player for best result...

Apocalypse Radio
ICQ: 139788901
e-mail: apocalypse984@hotmail.com

Website is on the way...just need space and stuff...ENJOY!
Hi Ya'll!

Well, I guess buffering is a regular problem om shoutcast...we are currently running on 3 servers at 64 kbps...hopefully some of these wont be too heavily used...




ICQ: 139788901

e-mail: apocalypse984@hotmail.com

Phone: +46-(0)278-38925

And we run a chat on mIRC as well: dalnet, #Radiovågen

Next regular show (tonight 27/12 at 21:00-24:00) will be a stream only, now talking and stuff, since we are planning for our Metal Orgie on Saturday 29/12 from 12:00 'til we pass out...
Hope some will listen, allthough it is in swedish:)
Originally posted by Soulburner
Trying to listen to the show... But most of the time looking at the buffering rate :)

I think it will work better with smaller bitrate and in mono...

try the second link next time :)
I didn't had much buffering last night, winamp rulez!
Man, the Metal Orgie was awesome. I tuned in about 21.00 (9pm) until 02.00 when I got to sleepy. How long did you carry on? Amazing that you guys carried on for such a long time. Great show, fun as hell to. :loco:
Thanx a million:)
We kept at it from 12:00-04:00 CET (16hrs!) a new record for our show...heh...we are very happy that You liked it:) Keep listening on thursdays...thanx again:)