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Feb 27, 2002
Bay Area
Arch Enemy dot net newsletter - January/February 2004

Welcome to our first official newsletter of 2004. There's a little bit of
everything this time, we have a competion, a tour report, then there's
rescheduled shows, lots of other trival information and a little bit of love at
the end too.

Anthems of Rebellion certainly didn't go by unnoticed. Arch Enemy have had an
amazing 2003, but they have much, much more in store for you for 2004. We had
Michael Amott look back and update us on future plans.

-Touring news-

In case you aren't aware, the band are currently on tour in the USA, supporting
Iron Maiden. You can read all about the excitement in the reports section where
Michael keeps us updated.

"OK, so here we are in Montreal, getting ready for our first Canadian show
tomorrow supporting the mighty Maiden! I have to tell you, it's seriously cold
up here, even for Swedish Viking types like us...."

Arch Enemy will be heading back to Europe after all the Iron Mayhem for their
upcoming headlining tour. Support will come from Stampin' Ground & Zyklon. Go
check them out if you get the chance. They will be playing a + 1hr set and the
setlist will feature songs from all the albums.

17-Feb 2004 @ Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
18-Feb 2004 @ RockIt, Stuttgart, Germany
19-Feb 2004 @ New Backstage, Munich, Germany
21-Feb 2004 @ Cesena, Vidia, Italy
22-Feb 2004 @ Motion, Bergamo, Italy
24-Feb 2004 @ Barcelona, Spain, Razzmatazz II
25-Feb 2004 @ Carcol, Madrid, Spain
27-Feb 2004 @ Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France
28-Feb 2004 @ Lantaarn, Hellendoorn, Netherlands
29-Feb 2004 @ Effenaar, Eindhoven, Netherlands
02-Mar 2004 @ Logo, Hamburg, Germany
03-Mar 2004 @ Works, Osnabruck, Germany
04-Mar 2004 @ Zeche Carl, Essen, Germany
05-Mar 2004 @ Hof Ter Loo, Antwerpen, Belgium

We have issued a competition to promote this exciting tour (woohoo). At the
website (that's [url][/url]) you can find the offical European tour
banner. Stick it (clearly visible) on your homepage or ICQ/MSN profile or your
Ultimate Metal signature and let us know by sending us an e-mail
( with a link to the location of the banner. You might win
a meet and greet with the band when they come through your country.

In other touring news, the UK headlinging shows the band were forced to cancel
in December have been rescheduled as promised. The new dates are:

07-March-2004 @ The Cockpit, Leeds, England
(b/o: 0113 245 5570)
08-March-2004 @ The Academy II, Birmingham, England
(b/o: 0870 771 2000)

We are told that original tickets WILL remain valid for the new dates!

-Media news-

In media news, there's a big article on Arch Enemy (+ a poster!) in the latest
issue of the US guitar magazine GUITAR WORLD. "We Will Rise" is also featured in
the tab section of the magazine. The awesome photo's for the piece were taken by
photographer Zach Cordner.

Michael Amott says; "We did the Guitar World photo shoot in a part of California
that was really hurt by the fires they had there last year. There was burnt down
houses and forests everywhere for as far as you could see - it was really
shocking. The photographer had no qualms about getting the smoke machine in for
the photo shoot though - probably evoking some pretty bad memories for the
people in the neighbourhood! We just had to laugh, it was kind of absurd!".

Our featured site of the week is a small Brasillian gallery of collected Angela
Gossow pictures:

Vist University radio between 6 and 8 pm EST for an
exclusive web broadcast interview with Michael Amott.

-Message board-

For you who visit out little commmunity over at Ultimate Metal, we are currently
working on making it an even better and more thriving place, we have a few
changes planned and are working out the details right now. More on this later.

For you who don't visit, maybe it's time you came on over payed us a visit? Hey,
hey, come out and play!

-Past and present with Michael Amott-

So what's to expect in 2004? We've had a friendly chat with Michael so he could
fill us in on what's been going on and on what's coming up...

1. Looking back on 2003 you've had a pretty exciting and busy year,
what have been the highlights of 2003?

Yes, 2003 was a very busy year for us! We started it off in January with a
Scandinavian headline tour (still

promoting the “Wages Of Sin” album), that tour ended on a Friday and then we
started pre-production for the

new album on the following Monday! That was just crazy! Working on our “Anthems
Of Rebellion” album in the

studio at the very nice facilities at “Backstage Studios” in the U.K with Andy
Sneap was a really good

experience. When we’d completed the album we played live in the USA, Europe and
Korea to promote the

“Anthems...” album…and we haven’t stopped yet, the live campaign will continue
into 2004!

2. Did the response to “Anthems Of Rebellion” exceed your expectations?

Well, it was actually better than what we’d expected, as we’d had the “Wages Of
Sin” album get such great

reviews and feedback… You know it’s hard to always be the “flavour of the month”
so to speak. I think most

fans of the “Wages…” album enjoyed the new album.

3. Is it your most successful album to date?

Yes, sales wise it is. The “Wages Of Sin” is still ahead of the new one in sales
figures I guess in some

places like the USA and Japan, ‘cause that album has been out longer. But the
“Anthems…” album is selling

at faster rate than what “Wages Of Sin” ever did in most places. In Europe
“Anthems...” is doing far better

than any other release we’ve had out. Arch Enemy is growing all the time… So
yes, we are happy about that!

4. What's the most memorable event 0f 2003?

To be completely honest, there are too many to mention really…it was just a
great year for us! But some

obvious highlights include the SLAYER/HATEBREED US tour (to be on the road for 7
weeks with SLAYER was such

a killer opportunity for ARCH ENEMY). I must also mention our headline slot at
the Korean “International

Busan Rock Festival…that was very a very cool and different experience!

5. What was the least memorable event 0f 2003?

All the waiting around we do on the road. I hate airports now more than ever!

6. What's in store for AE in 2004?

First thing coming up touring wise is a bunch of dates in Canada, USA & Japan
opening up for NWOBHM Gods –

IRON MAIDEN! It doesn’t really get any better than that, at least not in our
world! :)
After that we’ll be doing our own headline tour around Europe in Feb/March, and
then I am not 100% what is

happening…I guess we are doing a headline tour in Japan at some point, possibly
in May.

7. Will you be playing any festivals this summer?

I think we’ll play a few European ones, we have played quite a few over the last
couple of summers so we

don’t want to over do it, maybe we’ll play a few selected ones. We’ll see!

8. Have you actually been writing for the next album yet?

No real completed new songs as of yet! There are bits and pieces of riffs and
melodies that we jam on at

rehearsals. I’d say that a new album from us is quite far away at the moment
though. But you never know, if

we get creative and inspiration hits us…maybe it’ll be sooner than we think!

9. Is there anybody left you'd like to tour with?

Well, I don’t know…after the recent SLAYER tour and the upcoming IRON MAIDEN
dates, it’s kind of hard to top

that you know?!! I think what we are mostly looking forward to at the moment is
playing our own shows and be

able to stretch out a bit more that what you are afforded as a support act…play
more songs etc!

10. Any last words for the people reading this newsletter?

I’d like to thank all the fans for their support. And we hope too see as many of
you a possible in 2004! Let

the killing begin!!!

There you have it. Until the next newsletter my lovelies.
Keep on visiting [url][/url] for all the latest on the world's
greatest! (I know, but what can
ya do?).
I keep thinking, DE, about what Black Earth would be like with A. on vox -- especially the Iron Maiden cover bonus tracks. I can understand re-working old material...

My problem with AEs rise is that D'Angelo isn't working Witchery -- I'd really like to see them build a new disc, esp if they keep December:loco: on as the Witchery girl!!! Fuck yea! Last summer I remember hearing of recording for a new CD in 2004, but I don't believe it...
Larf03 said:
But I think AoR was a very weak and monotonous album...
I can kinda see your point, both of their latest albums don't have a lot of complex riffing, not much to change up the pace between songs. Not like a Dimension Zero riff which is usually all over the place.

The vocals on Anthems... they feel over-processed to me, esp the beginning of Leader of the Rats. Regardless, I thought this album was far better than Wages of Sin...
Insania said:
I keep thinking, DE, about what Black Earth would be like with A. on vox -- especially the Iron Maiden cover bonus tracks. I can understand re-working old material...

My problem with AEs rise is that D'Angelo isn't working Witchery -- I'd really like to see them build a new disc, esp if they keep December:loco: on as the Witchery girl!!! Fuck yea! Last summer I remember hearing of recording for a new CD in 2004, but I don't believe it...
Ya Black Earth w/ were talking......and I understand re-working old material, also.......everyones raves about First Strike Still Deadly! not as good as I understand that Charlie considers that a side project, to pick up after AE is through with a touring cycle......
Just as DragonLord is not as good as Testament......and is a side project.