Art of Loss


Aug 29, 2004
Just preordered this. Should be great.

Pretty cool the roster of guitarists on Thirty Silver. Like a Megadeth reunion.

What are the thoughts on the new song, Damaged? Sounds like classic Redemption at first listen. Love having Marty involved in the song. He has such a distinctive style.
Damaged sounds like a really good song. I look forward to the rest, hopefully some more proggy things in there.

Which version will have the most songs? I live in the US, but want the one that has Nick's daughter singing. The Euro version lists a second cd, with some different mixes.
Going to pre-order this next week, absolutely loving Damaged since buying single a week ago has quickly become one of my fave Redemption songs! \m/
Does anyone know of a US website which is selling the double CD import (regular disc with bonus disc)?
Own it and it's a beast, early listens but already have it pegged as some of their best work and right up there with Snowfall...\m/
couldn't wait, so I will get the Euro version later.

My take. I love it. The production is really good. The songs are great. Ray sounds amazing, no surprises there. One thing that amazed me was how well the guitar solos sounded. Chris Poland captured that Redemption sound, almost as if Bernie composed them. I don't know if that was by design, or that is Polands style now, but I loved it. Usually, a new element into a band can alter the sound, even slightly. I didn't get that with this cd. The songs are powerful, and beautiful. Nick really pulled this all together. I sure hope they tour the U.S. I need to see them live.
Listening to That Golden Light as I type. One thing I've noticed is at the end of the chorus, after Ray sings "heal me..." I hear two slight 'plink' sounds that vaguely sound like notes but I'm not sure. Anyone else notice this?
Nice review Tage absolutely agree with that score. My only minor gripe is would have preferred they swapped out Love Reign for another original and put both it and Say Something (excellent Parker duet with Ray on the bonus disc) together on disc2 but nitpicking at best :)