Asperitas - Groove metal from Brighton, UK, Free E.P download


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Aug 23, 2013
Asperitas are a 5 piece Groove Metal band with slamming riffs, Amazing breakdowns and guttural vocals, from Brighton, UK.

After forming in 2011 the band stared on writing strait away, if you like bands such as Lamb of God then check this band out.

This is just one review of Asperitas "They open with a very Lamb of God sounding drum style, with a combination of lively vocal strata and exciting band. With the stripped down style taking song writing over technicality, they deliver some very unique tracks" - Ashlinn Nash.

Asperitas have played venues such as The Brighton Dome, Concorde 2 (Brighton) and Underword (Camden, London). Always interact with the crowd and get people headbanging and moshing.

If you enjoy dont forget to leave a comment below or like and comment on Facebook. If you happen to live in the UK and have any gigs to offer Asperitas are always looking to play!

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Thanks guys, Stay Heavy :headbang: