ATTN: Blackmetal fans and those with a sense of humor...

Ravnanger said:
"And every time you release an album, invent a separate genre for it. A new one for every album! For example: brutal necroevil panzerfaust metal; satanic evilnecro faust's panzer metal; diabolic faustnecro panzerevil metal etc. Combine freely."

Funny as hell! :D

"Don’t worry if your lyrics mean nothing. This is because you are evil and horrible. People will understand."
Boring fucking shit.Get lost.
Didn`t you read the thread title?

Attn: Blackmetal fans and those with a sense of humour

Funny site that. Most of the stuff was already in condensed format in the 101 rules of the black metal, but I liked the elaborations a lot. I do like BM, but I see the irony, and I could care less about the image anyway..