Axe-FX II & Mayones Regius 7 Mixtest / Anime Pisstake


has the groove.
Jul 11, 2011
Glasgow, Scotland
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Total anime m8! I would personally like to hear more body from the drums. Saturate the snare and kick and adjust levels from there. Also, turn up the cymbals a bit and multi band compress out some 4k to get rid of the harshness that brings. Nice job though.
I like it, the mix is pretty solid. I would maybe cut some 1-4 kHz harshness from the guitars and cymbals, do a wide scoop for the overheads in the 3 kHz range and cut a few dB there. Also the hihat is a bit too loud maybe. You could also compress the drums just a bit less, they sound a bit overcompressed to me. Musically that piece is really solid, good job overally. I wish you luck for recording the new album Sithu!
Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll definitely try some of those tweaks, especially applying saturation to the kick and the snare. Haven't thought of that before!