Axe-Fx II - Rough Metal Mix


Feb 15, 2007

I could do with some feedback on his mix so any tips/criticism would be awesome!!!!

The guitars are recorded using an Axe-Fx II "Peavey 5150 model". I'm using an Ibanez RG1527 with Bare Knuckle Miracle Man pickups. One track panned hard left and one track hard right. I'm not sure what else to do besides quad tracking but the guitars seem to lose definition when I do that.

Drums are Metal Machine with EZmix and some EQ/compression. Bass is Logic Amp Simulator.
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On the guitars, I have two thoughts -

1) DI guitars are never going to sound as good as the real thing. Those already sound better than a lot of the ones I've heard, but still have that "boxy" and dull quality to them that's a trademark of DIs.

2) Ibanez. Sorry, but every Ibanez I've heard has shitty rhythm tone and the RG series in my experience has pretty low output as well. You might want to try another guitar if possible.

Beyond that, the drums sound very flat. Some parallel compression to get their volume up and EQ would do wonders - it sounds here like they're just straight from the VST, which is never, ever how you want to leave them.
Thanks for the advice dude, I re-recorded everything and started from scratch with the drums and bass. This is my first proper mix so I'm still learning how to EQ everything and learn about compression/mastering etc. I made a video for it.

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