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Behemoth's Best?

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Tyrants and Slaves
Jan 18, 2006
Maine or Iowa
I just want to get a quick assessment of everyone's opinions towards a band that has transitioned from the raw Polish black metal underground, through the turbid waters of blackened death metal, to their current state as a world-renowned death metal leviathan.

Personally, I can't decide where their peak is. I like all their material pretty much the same for each unique dynamic they bring to the table. I voted Grom and The Apostasy to demonstrate my ambivalence.

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"Sventevith" from their black metal era, and "Demigod" from their death metal era.

It's almost impossible for me to choose just one, because I view black metal and death metal Behemoth as two completely different bands.
Demigod. Slaves Shall Serve and Conquer All are pure brilliance, and in The Reign Of Shemsu-Hor I have finally accomplished my quest to find epic death metal. The vocals on that album are just amazing - heavily produced, but it works.

The earliest stuff (FtPV, Sventith, Grom, etc) is pretty weird. Sometimes they have an acoustic guitar strumming in the foreground. Has moments of being atmospheric and awesome, but mostly just seems like crap. Post-Thelema.6 is the best.

In the video for Conquer All, did anyone else think that Nergal's forehead is massive?

EDIT: Also, the drumming on the last 2 albums is awesome. Not so much the drumming itself, which is awesome but not really that original (oh, wow, a blast beat! Double bass? How clever!). The big thing is that the drum sound is perfect. That is what drums are supposed to sound like - a kick in the face.
I've only heard two of their albums (Demigod and Zos Kia), plus their "And the Forests Dream Eternally" demo.

IMO, Demigod is by far their best.
Yeah; mine came with three bonus tracks. Had two different recordings of Sventevith on it.
Absolutely Zos Kia Cultus, and a few songs off Satanica are mong their best work (Decade Of Therion comes to mind).

Demigod is a fucking overproduced piece of crap. To me, they died after ZKC.
For me my favs are:
Zos Kia Cultus

In that order... though I haven't heard the first two albums so...