Beneath [icelandic deathmetal] - new song: Rebirth


Boob inspector
Jun 10, 2002
Stockholm, Sweden
l_88c11e4201314add87b25c7e382a5652.jpg said:
Beneath is an Icelandic death metal band that was formed during the winter of 2007 / 2008. Initially the band went through some minor lineup changes but finally settled on it's current one. The members of Beneath have all been active in the Icelandic extreme metal scene for some years and previous and current bands include Sororicide, Changer, Atrum and Diabolus to name a few. In the near future Beneath will be entering the studio and will be announcing gigs soon.

Just put up a new song, "Rebirth" on myspace. It's the first track from our 4 song promo. Check it out and feel free to comment! Thanks!

There is also a soundclick version (128 Kbps download) here: =7171323