Best High Gain Amp


Jan 23, 2010
I'm looking for the best high gain amp. It will only be used for high gain stuff in a studio environment. It won't be used live. As I only need defined and tight high gain sounds it doesn't have to be very versatile as well.
I was considering the Peavey 6505 head but maybe I'm wrong. Are there any other recommendations? Every input would be helpful.
You're bound to get dozens of different suggestions around here - It really depends on what you specifically like and your budget.

Here are some great high gain amps in various flavors - Pick your poison:
VHT Pitbull Ultra-Lead
Peavey 5150/6505, 5150II/6505+
Mesa Dual/Triple Rectifier / Road King / Roadster
Diezel Herbert / VH4
Bogner Uberschall
Marshall JCM800
ENGL Powerball / Savage 120
Splawn Quick Rod / Nitro
Soldano Super Lead Overdrive / Avenger / Hot Rod / Decatone
Or a Savage 120

or a Soldano avenger

or an Invader 100

or a Framus Cobra


best way is to try, but if you can't search for some clips around here.There are so many!!!

There isn't such thing as a best of all others amp.It's just a matter of preference.
I sold my dual rec pre as i liked the engl e530 better.And their like 800 euros difference in price.
Amps are such a personal thing - asking for "the best" will get you more answers than asking "how to provide universal health care". You need to find what moves you - what stirs your soul. Tone is sort of like marriage - you have to find the one for you, you can't covet thy neighbors amp or their wife.
I can imagine a used Soldano SLO-100 would be pretty slamming.
But anyway, as was said above, "Best" is subjective.
I'm looking for the best woman. She will only be used in marriage and sex, not for dating, so I just need the best wife. I was considering Scarlett Johansson, but I'm looking for other input as well?
I have to admit that I gave the thread a wrong title. Maybe I should have called it "Very Good High Gain Amp". As for the sound. I really like the guitar tone of the following bands/releases:
Machine Head - Supercharger
Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists
Cataract - Kingdom (possibly favorite one)
Stonesour - Come What(Ever) May
Pitchshifter - PSI
Rob Zombie - The Sinister Urge

I absolutely agree that sound is very subjective and normally everyone should try it themselves, but the problem is, that I am no guitar player and so it's kind of difficult to try an amp. I only need it for my studio.
I think I nailed it down to Engl Powerball/Fireball or Peavey 5150.
As for the TubeScreamer. Which version? TS9?
No fireball or powerball dude....Dont let you blend by the low-end and by the ultra-gain....

The 5150 can do a lot of songs and compined with any tubescreamer you have a beast:)

Machine head mostly use 5150....