Best Song-Finale

Best Song-Finale

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Mar 6, 2003
Newport Beach, CA
'Ello Maiden'eds!

Okay, so this is it... the final poll for the series that was started earlier this year. The winner has the right to be crowned "Best Song" as voted by the Unofficial Iron Maiden messageboard.

This final poll is the culmination of the polls posted over the last few months for the Best Song of: each studio album, BRUUUCE!!! and NOT BRUUUCE!!!, and the Top Ten.

The previous poll, Top Ten, didn't have a whole lot of votes, but these 2 songs easily outdistanced the others. Consequently, they are the only songs to make it to the final poll. Really not a huge surprise that these songs would make it this far.

It was fun making the polls and seeing the responses. A big thanks to those that participated!!! UP THE IRONS!!!
"The bugle sounds, the poll begins...
if no one votes then The Trooper wins!"
Only the Good Die Young, The Thin Line Between Love and Hate, To Tame a Land, Powerslave, Sign of the Cross, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, The Prophecy, Transylvania...

And I guess Hallowed, out of the two in the poll.