[blatant UM plug] Subterfuge Article


Apr 14, 2001
You worked with a guy that recorded silverchair? Cool! silverchair rule :)
Plus its good to see you being honest about the music you play! Its so refreshing to see someone ACTUALLY say they play metal (of course, lord timmy does too, but you know what i mean!)

We DO need more heavy metal bands (theres about a million death/black metal bands) so anything you guys can do to encourage more of them is great. It would be good to see them working together too, but as you said, theres very few bands playing your style, its mostly death/black metal in the "scene" here.

P.S. 200 people is bloody great for a band that hasnt yet released anything, nice going! It will be 201 when i get a chance to see you guys play :D

Lord Tim

That guy from LORD
Apr 13, 2001
Wollongong, Australia
We did some test recordings for Festival once with a guy that worked with silverchair - dunno if he was really involved with their albums much but he was a total tool! Possibly the most aggravating, counter productive recording session I've ever been involved with...! (And when you think about all of the crap sessions Dungeon's had in the last 12 years, that's pretty impressive!)