Ultimate Metal Bulletin #5


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
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9 July 2001

- An interview with WARRIOR’s Joe Floyd!
- UM chats with SAVATAGE!
- Unsigned in Finland: UM talks with THALES!
- UM audio & nsigned spotlight: SUBTERFUGE!
- Songs To Watch – the new UM column!
- Latest Reviews

» An interview with Warrior’s Joe Floyd
Joe spoke with Ultimate Metal’s Rodrigo about the new Warrior disc, ‘Code For Life’, Joe’s projects, and the use of internet to promote music. Great reading.

» UM chats with Savatage
Krissie Anderson spoke with Savatage’s Jon Oliva about all things Savatage:

» Unsigned in Finland: THALES
Finland's Thales are a 3-piece from Helsinki who, via their MP3.com site, are promoting their instrumental sounds, to positive effect. UM sat down with drummer Juuso Backman for a brief chat about their music, the local scene, and their never-ending search for the perfect vocalist.

» UM Audio & unsigned spotlight: SUBTERFUGE
Subterfuge are an up-and-coming band on Australia's east coast, regularly playing the pub circuit and amassing a small but loyal following amongst the heavy music fans of Newcastle. Guitarist and band co-founder Christopher Peacock sat down with UM to discuss the local scene, the trials of being an unsigned band, and their upcoming EP, Souls.

We also have a full track off their SOULS EP, ‘Passage To Mind’ available from the front page – so check it out while it’s there!

» Songs to Watch – new UM Column
Each week, Demonspell posts a list of tracks worth checking out – new audio from rising metal acts as well as those bands we should all be keeping an eye on, as well as older tracks worth taking note of. Opinionated, but with his finger firmly on the pulse, check out his weekly column ‘Songs To Watch’, now on UltimateMetal.com.

http://www.ultimatemetal.com/article.php?sid=61 for the latest, or check out our OPINIONS section for them all

» Latest Reviews

Newies from Adagio, Leonardo, Cradle of Filth, Abhorrence, Dust To Dust, and more, as well as our new ‘From The Vault’ section where we look back on classic albums of the past with reviews of Fear Factory’s ‘Obsolete’, DC Cooper’s self titled review, Badland’s ‘Badlands’ and more.

If you want to contribute to Ultimate Metal, or feel there are bands we should be covering but aren’t, then tell us! Email ‘editor@ultimatemetal.com’ or reply to this bulletin, and fill us in on where we’re going wrong, going right, and how you can help us get there! And don’t forget to check out the forums, which continue to grow, and offer one of the best metal communities out there (even if we do say so ourselves!).

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