The "ultimate" metal link page...

Till Fjalls

May 21, 2001
* Toronto *
Ok, there are many great metal sites like UM, many I'm sure I never heard of, places with reviews, mp3's, demos, and mp3's, and forums. I say we Put together our powerful metal-net knowledge and compose a large database of metal links (not band pages, just pages like UM). Maybe someone will be kind enough to post them on the pic page:D ?? What say???

Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles
666 Metal
Metal Observer

That's all I can think of for know....please add all you now! an absolute must visit for all proggies, contains multiple reviews of tons of great albums and much more... home of several awesome prog-metal radio stations. another great radio station playing all types of metal. point-counterpoint review site, also contains a great mailing list contains hundreds of progressive metal reviews

Many of the sites I would have listed had I originated this topic have been cited already. And please visit my own commentary page below.