Vehemence – New Ultimate Metal Member Recruitment


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Jan 3, 2002
Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.
All members must unite! We know there are other Vehemence fans that post in other forums either in this UM metal community or ones outside of it such as, smnnews forums,,, bwbk forums, and the relapse forums.

To make this board a bit stronger, feel free to inform whoever that mentions Vehemence to come join our message board. Cut and paste this link to your friends who might want to become more involved either on your messengers or your emails. Think of this as the first step for us to see who really wants to be on our upcomming street team.

Join Vehemence's Ultimate Metal Forum! - Melodic Death Metal on Metal Blade Records

Lets make this Vehemence forum grow! Thanks from all in Vehemence! Have new members post in this thread.