We need your help with Vehemence Guitar Tabs!


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Jan 3, 2002
Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.
Greetings experianced guitar playing guys that give a shit about Vehemence's guitar tabs. Since I am busy as fuck these weeks with this upcomming tour we will do, could someone help me make our guitar tabs into a better representable tab as seen on the link below.

Also can someone help fix this Kill For God (90% done) tab and God Was Created tab (drums, and left guitar still needs to be on it, I just couldnt do some things like holding out notes with it, refer to the Kill For God demo since you can hear the notes better, and do the same thing to it. http://www.doomish.com

http://www.vehemence.com/Vehemence-Kill For God.gp4
http://www.vehemence.com/Vehemence-God Was Created.gp4

Thank you! - john

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1. I Take Your Life GP4 - Download
Bjorn Guitar - Text John Guitar - Text

Helping The World To See

1. By Your Bedside GP4 - Download
Bjorn Guitar - Text John Guitar - Text
I'm not skilled enough to transcribe songs, but if you are willing to learn a program PowerTab is wonderful for tabbing. It's basically sheet music written by tabbing, and you can add in guitar technicalities. http://www.power-tab.net if you are interested (sorry if this is similar to a .gp4 file - I don't recognize the extension.) I have downloaded a few metal tabs for powertab, and they are wonderful. Sadly, I don't think the drum tabbing feature is up and running yet.
Hmmm, I'll have to check it out. I am assuming that Guitarpro is the gp4 extension? I hope this doesn't mean I have to write all of the songs I have done in a different program.