Bleeding Kansas - Dead Under Decor

Dec 21, 2003
Sudbury, Canada
Bleeding Kansas - Dead Under Decor
Abacus Recordings - ABACD0021 - March 21st, 2006
By Adam McAuley


This album was an incredibly ingenuitive and promising slab of hardcore mixed with moments of breakdown eloquence and understated splendor. They aren't as convultedly complex as Dilliger Escape Plan, for example, but there is plenty of variety on offer here. The album has an indie flavor to it mixed with a very obvious hardcore presence, making it something that fans of a lot of different forms of music can appreciate.

It has an undeniable quality to be able to change its pacing at a split second is very hypnotic, dynamic way. The instrumentation is very solid and the production strong, making all of the little twists and changes the band goes through all the more audible, but it has a crunchy addictive sound that makes the album far more attachable than DEP, for example. The sudden changes the band make to their music are made all the more exciting because of the very up front approach. It's the type of album who's strong moments become all the more palatable upon repeated listens. The mixture of some slightly calmer break down moments with the usual cacophony is the most promising aspect here. It makes the band unpredictable and difficult to pin down, but all the more exciting even though the band name might suggest a gore metal act or something of the like.

With Bleeding Kansas, variety is the spice of life and thus they can be likened to the relatively obscure band The Postman Syndrome in that regard. Both provide and ingenuitive combination of lighter indiesque moments with sharp hardcore ones into a tequilla of excellence. Not the greatest album to be released this year by any means, but a solid one that fans of many different types of music should be able to appreciate.


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