Witchy Woman
May 31, 2001
West Auckland, NZ
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I'm baaaaack!!! I lost internet use at work when we moved office and I can only check up on messges etc from someone elses computer -(who happens to be away today!) i was very sad to find that I couldn't log in so i had to re-register to post a message. :confused:

Never mind - I will cope - how is everyone?? I will have a look at the messages and catch up on the gossip.......


How good was Alice Cooper at Rod Laver Arena? :eek: :eek:
Great Show!

Shame the crowd wasn't very enthusiastic. :mad:
Thats allright Crossy - i am really good at talking crap - it shouldn't take long!!!;) he he he

Phill absolutely loved the AC concert - he had a great time in Melbourne and spent lots of money drinking and eating. And bought heaps of cheap T shirts - Alice ones of course!! I stayed in Auckland and played netball all day Saturday and partied all night on Saturday night - didn't get home til 5 am - luckily there was no-one to tell me off!! Such a bad girl i am!!:heh:
Welcome back Chrissy :D . I was starting to wonder what had become of you. Hope to see you around a bit more in the future!

Oh, and if your email takes a while to download, it's probably because of all the jokes I've been sending your way. Revenge gags would be welcome if you get a chance :).

Thanks Wrathchild.
I've also been really busy with playing and coaching netball as well as trying to buy a house..... no rest for the wicked!:heh:
I have tried to keep up with my email but if I leave it for more than a week i end up with about 300 messages - I just skim them but it takes so long on hotmail to forward them that I just can't do it at the moment...... keep them coming though - they amuse me greatly!! hopefully I'll be able to check them from my own computer very soon - I will harrass my boss until it happens!!!! i miss jumping online and chatting to you guys...... forgot how funny you all are. that would be "funny ha ha " not funny peculiar!