Bruce should tour

You know what I hate about bands? When they say, "Tell promoters that you want us to tour!" Like, huh? Why the hell should we do the job of the bands' managers? Same with these bands that have "street teams" to help promote them.
Im very serious, ill kick his poncy fairy fencing ass with my giant grim kvlt necro superspiked black metal bat when he got here for making us wait so long :mad:
12 years to add nails to my giant grim kvlt necro superspiked black metal bat...
Bruce and maiden can suck my dick. i just watched rock in rio again last night when the whole band was saying how they support there fans and tour the whole world.
They forgot about a whole fucking contanant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup they toured he in 1980 ( t'was in year 11 at high School tried to get some mates interested in going but its along way to SYDNEY from BOURKE )"hEAVEN & hELL " era I HAVE A bootleg from that Tour(thanks crossy) Ronnie Dio has a shot at Fred Nile in the lead up to one of the songs ... True again I think that was in support of" TYR" again I got very excited but it fell over ...........Have a very bad bootleg of 1973 tour as well on tape there such a thing as a good bootleg hahhaha
Oh so that makes it ok that maiden havn't toured here since 92!!!
After i remember bruce promising to return after that very show.
I don't really give a shit about Sabbath, if i want to see a drug fucked moron falling around, ill go and see my uncle.