Bruce should tour


Master Exploder
I was listening to some Bruce solo stuff earlier for the first time in a long time, and after the awesome Edguy gig last night, I have been thinking that a Bruce Dickinson tour would be fucking awesome and likely to be a huge success. His solo shows are awesome from what I have heard from bootlegs, and he is used to playing smaller venues, and they play some badass Maiden covers, so it would be the next best thing (if not better) than Maiden touring. Also, he has been out here before saying how keen he is to tour, but it was other things that stopped it from going ahead (logistics :rolleyes: ).

Someone get onto a promoter and look into it for when his new album comes out and he does some shows.
I was thinking. You know how some people online are all "Ima kick your e-ass to the e-curb" ?

e-curb = BRUCE backwards.

It's a sign.