And here's what our Bruce says in an interview:

Well, You have to go back to a poem called "Jerusalem," by a guy called William Blake. Jerusalem is about building a place of inspiration spiritual, divine, whatever you want to call it, inspiration inside of every single person. That’s what "Jerusalem" is. "Jerusalem" is also a personal vision that Blake had, of England as a spiritual pagan sanctuary. A place in which poetry was sacred and greed and things like that, as it were, banished by the force of divine inspiration, which just illuminated everybody. Aand everybody was working towards that end of just understanding creation, that was he vision and that was what he tried to put into his poetry and so that is what I tried to put into the song "Jerusalem," because that is what the poem is about.
You're all such fountains of knowledge!

I reckon there wouldn't be too much that at least someone on this forum doesn't know something about.
William Blake was a nutbag, but back then any nutbag that could write verse was made famous, what without TV to dumb down the masses and all

And yes TCW does have a certain something magical about how truely fucking ace it is
Hey Moony, why don't you put up a few relatively difficult topics and test the waters. You could start a whole new thread! :hotjump: People would have to avoid cheating though; maybe books at home could be allowed, but no google or wikopedia!