Your Ultimate Band

hmmmm hey

Vocals- Angela Gossow(arch enemy) She's hot and stuff and can scream like a banshee

Vocals and keyboard- Shiralee from Chalice,just cos she's hot and has a cool voice.

Guitar- Alexi laiho(bodom,sinegy and one imp naz cd)cos he rocks

Guitar- Peter Tagtren(Hypocrisy,Pain,Lockup) He also rocks

Bass- The dude from dream theater whose name escapes me.He rocks also

Drums- Gene Hoglan-(strapping young lad) Cos he's the best drummer ever,EVER.

They will be an obscure black/death/celtic/polka cross over band and only write songs about finnish folklore and occosionly write one about Rainbows.

Band name: The Spleen Machine
Debut Album: To Trundle ones Anciet forests of thy devine necrotism and frostbite.
*wants 2 bassists...*

Vocals: Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth)
Guitar: John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
Guitar: Michael Romeo (Symphony X)
Bass: Steve DiGiorgio
Bass: That bloke from Spiral Architect
Keyboards: Hmmm...... Kevin Moore (DT)

Name: Wankers Inc.

Album: The Fire Of The Ancient Dragon That Lives In The Surreal Yet Almost Real Cave In The Deepest Pit Of Hell Where Satan Sits With His Hellhound Called Bob And Eats Christians With Malice
mine is the best

cause its line up is the top in its class NOW, i mean all are active and in field,

also they are all creative and innovative, and young
I'll make a couple, coz theres too much talent out there to narrow it down to one band. :)

vocals: Rob Zombie (White Zombie)
guitars: Dave Mustaine ('Deth)
guitars: Dimebag (Pantera)
bass: Les Claypool (Primus) playing metal, or Mike Inez (Ozzy, Alice In Chains)
drums: Dave Lombardo (Slayer)

vocals: Bruce Dickinson (Maiden)
guitars: Vivian Campbell (Dio)
guitars: Tony Iommi (Sabbath)
bass: Cliff Burton (Metallica)
drums: Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater)

Would have liked to use Jon Petrucci and Jon Schaffer and Matt Barlow too, but oh well.